Increased Cyber-attacks: Measures online Casinos take to shield their sites and Players from hackers

 The online gaming and betting industry has grown and almost tripled in size in the last decade in terms of revenue and players. However, as more money flows into the industry, cyber criminals are emerging with new techniques to extort and ransom the market.

 According to a report from Risk based security, over 6 Billion records were exposed in a whopping 2,227 data breaches recorded in the first half of 2017. This record surpasses 2016 year-end record for the total number of breaches recorded!

 In a world entangled with cyber-attacks growing at an alarming pace, how do online casinos secure their players private data and maintain a high security and a 24 hour availability status?
 Security is one of the biggest challenges of online gambling platforms. Players are concerned with the safety of their data wants to be convinced that the online casino platform that they are about to use would give security the utmost attention.

 The question is, how would you know that a website is safe enough to guarantee that your privacy is protected?  In this article we have identified what you need to lookout for when choosing an online casino site.

What is SSL?
Secure Socket Layer, SSL is a cryptographic technique that establishes a secure and encrypted link between two points on the internet such as a computer and a web server. 

Function of an SSL
The work of the SSL is to secure information of users from being stolen by malicious attackers by transporting every data sent over the web through a secure and encrypted connection. 

 SSL provides critical security and privacy for both the online casino website and the players. You can check out the review section for to ascertain the security level the different online casinos are using.

 Whenever a player inputs any information on an online casino site, the information goes through several computers before getting to the destination server. During the course of the computers routing the data, hackers can easily hijack information such as credit card details, usernames, passwords and other private information if they weren’t encrypted with the SSL protocol. 

 How to identify an SSL protected site
To protect yourself from cyber identity theft and other forms of hacks, I recommend you take note of the following below. 

   Secure Symbol: Any online casino website using SSL for encryption usually has its URL beginning with https:// instead of the normal http://.  Typically, you will find most browsers displaying a lock symbol or “secure” written in green letters in your address bar to indicate that the site is protected.

 Google made it easy for those using the Chrome browser by creating 3 signs for the browser users to easily identify secure, less secure and potentially dangerous websites. You can check the level of the website security by clicking on the icon which is typically located to the left of the URL. Refer below for the symbols:

 The Green lock Symbol: 

This symbol indicates that the website is safe and all transactions carried out on the site are private and secured.

 The Info Symbol:
This means that the website does not have a private connection and someone might be monitoring information or transaction carried out on the site.

 Not Secure or Danger Symbol:

This symbol actually means that the site you are accessing doesn’t have any encryption and all transactions such as your login and bank details are subjected to hackers. Users are advised to avoid making payments on these kinds of sites.

To round it up, always ensure to check that the name of the website that you are visiting is correct i.e is totally different from

Make sure that you stay safe online and protect your information by using the above tips, and be certain to check out some in-depth reviews based on security, bonuses and online reputation before sending out your personal information online.

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