Zambian Police Threatens Sex Dolls And Vibrator Owners With Arrest

The police operatives in Zambia have frowned on sex toys,  threatening to arrest persons found to be in possession of sex dolls, vibrators or Dildos, mwebantu reports.

According to the police spokesperson, Esther Kantongo, "possession of obscene materials in this country is an offence. Read section 177 of the Penal code Importation check section 177 (1)(b) and section 177 (1) © criminalises taking part in such business." 

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Katongo explained that the laws of the country regarded such items as 'obscene material' and thus, the importation, sales or possession of the materials are considered as illegal.

It is worth to know that Zambia frowns at same-sex relationships or marriages and even has special laws against same sex-related issues. They have been several clamps down on those practising same-sex relationships.

However, there have been several arguments for and against the statement issued by the police spokesperson.

 Those arguing against it believes that sexbots would only objectify women and even encourage the rape culture. They argue that there wasn't any provision made available in the constitution that legalises sex robots.

 Those in support of the sexbots believes that the bots would reduce rape in the society, satisfy lonely people and maybe someday in the future replace prostitutes and put a stop to the sex trafficking menace.



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