Telenor unlimited free internet on Psiphon vpn and http injector 2016

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  Telenor seems to be trending these days with their everyday free internet loophole. Ok lets get to the point. This free internet trick is for the Telenor Pakistani users and it works on on both http injector, psiphon vpn and other vpn apps.

 If you could remember last month i made a free internet trick post on Telenor which was also unlimited like this one which i'm posting (click here to visit post). This trick settings are similar to that one but this tricks settings are better because it doesn't disconnect. This trick works on Android, Pc, Iphone, java and Symbian. Those that dont have http injector or psiphon on their OS can go gor open vpn or any handler app to also enjoy the trick. Follow the procedures below to enjoy this trick.
1. A Telenor Simcard
2. Any of the tunelling app

1. Go to your Access point and set it this way:
    Name: Techmilitant
    port: 8080 and then save
2. Download http injector
3. Now go to and create a username and password and then follow the video below to configure and enjoy free unlimited internet.

   If you dont understand or simply want the configuration then just comment below and i want would create one and send to you.

 Note: This post is meant for educational purpose only.

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  1. Check your availability by pinging a few Internet destinations. On the off chance that that doesn't work, ping the loopback address On the off chance that that falls flat, your connector may not be working or it isn't as expected arranged.

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