Zero-rated Websites SNI List For Free Internet Access 2022

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Update (February 15, 2022): We've updated the list with even more zero-rated sites for many networks.

Data is life, they say. But while we humans do breathe in oxygen to stay alive, which of course happens to be free, data on the other hand isn't free and doesn't come cheap either. Data is expensive to purchase and our smartphones and computer gadgets can testify to that in the "data criminal court of law."

However, when your Internet service provider decides to zero-rate some websites on their network, it will save you a few megabytes or gigabytes of data. In fact, the number of zero-rated websites has increased so much that searches such as "MTN zero-rated sites", "zero-rated websites South Africa 2021 pdf", "zero-rated websites 2021", and many others have increased on Google Search.

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In this post, we have compiled over five thousand zero-rated websites list for different countries worldwide. We didn't Google Search to get these sites. Instead, we used scrapper tools to comb the web and harvest them. This in turn will save you time that would have been wasted on several pages of Google, or the risk of exposing yourself to some malicious site(s) online.

The zero-rated websites lists in this article can also be used as SNI hosts for free Internet access. That is, these sites can be used on a tunneling VPN app like Psiphon or Ha Tunnel Plus VPN to bypass your Internet service provider firewall to get free Internet access at no cost.

For example, we used these zero-rated websites to create free unlimited Internet trick configurations for our readers in different countries using content delivery networks CDN tricks. However, if you are a fan of the popular Ha Tunnel Plus VPN app, you can follow our complete guide on how to create a working .hat configuration file for any ISP network in the world.

Also, those that want a ready-made free Internet trick should check out this post that contains Ha Tunnel Plus free Internet trick files for different countries and networks around the world. For the sake of those new to our site, let's explain a few terms and what they mean.

What is zero-rating?

According to Wikipedia, zero-rating refers to a technique in which ISPs grant access to sites without charging from a user's data plan (free data access). This covers just certain websites on an ISP (Internet Service Provider) or carrier's network 

How do zero-rated sites work?

Zero-rated websites can be accessed without any financial cost, though under certain conditions. The user is required to have an Internet connection to access the zero-rated content, though their data plan won't be affected.

How to get zero-rated websites on your ISP network?

Zero-rated websites can be gotten in different ways. Some zero-rated sites can be posted on your ISP sites, social media channels, advert campaigns, or even sent via SMS.

Like I said before, you can also get zero-rated websites when you search online on Google. For example, users in Kenya will search for "Zero-rated websites in Kenya 2021", or they might specify the search to a particular network by typing "Airtel Kenya zero-rated sites". The same goes for people in Nigeria, South Africa, Jamaica, Myanmar, and many other countries. 

However, you will spend long hours searching and might download files with viruses or malware onto your smartphone or computer in the process.

To help out with this, I wrote a post in which I discussed extensively several ways on how to get those free host or zero-rated websites, and how they can be used as a working host for free Internet access.

With the free Internet trick tutorials that we have on this site, the majority of these zero-rated sites can be used as SNI hosts to bypass your service provider's firewall to get free Internet access, without minding the types of firewalls.

You can use the CDN Websocket or SSH over WebSocket CDN Cloudflare method for free Internet access, or any of the tutorials on Techfoe.

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Full list of zero-rated websites worldwide

Find the zero-rated websites list for all countries below.

1. Country: South Africa
    Networks: MTN, CellC, Telkom, and Vodacom

2. Country: Kenya
     Networks: Safaricom and Airtel Kenya

Country: Jamaica
    Networks: Flow and Digicel Jamaica

4. Country: Myanmar
     Networks: MPT, Ooredoo, Mytel, Mectel, and Telenor

5. Country: Uganda
     Networks: Africell and MTN

6. Country: Nigeria
     Networks: Airtel, 9Mobile, Glo, and MTN

7. Country: United Kingdom
     Networks: Vodafone, 02, Three, Virgin Mobile, Sky Mobile, EE, Talk Talk, and many more

8. Country: New Zealand
     Networks: Spark, Skinny, 2Degrees, Slingshot, Vodafone, and Orcan Mobile

9. Country: Papua New Guinea
     Networks: Telikom and Digicel

10. Country: Mozambique
       Networks: Vodacom and Mascom

11. Country: Trinidad and Tobago
      Networks: Digicel and Bmobile

12. Country: Lesotho
       Networks: Vodacom, Econet Telecom 

13. Country: Barbados
       Networks: Digicel and Flow

14. Country: Maldives
       Networks: Ooredoo

15. Country: Democratic Republic of Congo
       Networks: Vodacom

17. Country: Rwanda
       Networks: MTN 

18. Country: Sierra Leone
       Networks: Orange

19. Country: Djibouti
       Networks: Djibouti  Telecom

Update: (February 15, 2022) We added some sites as per our readers request in the comment section 

20. Country: Eswatini or Swaziland
        Networks: MTN and Eswatini Mobile

21.   Country: Jordan
        Networks: Zain, Umniah and Orange
22.  Country: Guyana
        Networks: GTT

23.  Country: Afghanistan
        Networks: MTN

24.  Country: Philippines
        Networks: Smart, SUN, TNT, Globe and TM

25.  Country: Zambia
        Networks: MTN, Vodafone, Zamtel and Airtel

26.  Country: Zimbabwe
        Networks: NetOne, Telecel, and Econet

27.  Country: Ghana
        Networks: MTN and Vodafone

As time goes by, we will include the files for other countries and their networks too. However, do tell us your network and country if you don't find them in the list above. Meanwhile, the lists of countries and networks below are the ones that we will be working on next.

Angola: Movicel

Belarus: Life:)

Algeria: Ooredoo

Tanzania: Tigo and Airtel

Iraq: AsiaCell, Korek and Zain

Barbados: Digicel

Cape Verde: Inutel and CVMovel

Madagascar: Blueline

Thailand: DTAC and TrueMove

Mozambique: Mcel

Mexico: Telcel and virgin

Malawi: Airtel and TNM

Senegal: Tigo

Bolivia: Viva

Rwanda: Airtel

Seychelles: Airtel

Benin: MTN

Colombia: Tigo

Gabon: Airtel

Liberia: Cellcom

Mongolia: G-Mobile, Mobicom and Skytel

Panama: Digicel

Niger: Airtel

Bonaire: Digicel

St. Lucia: Digicel

St. Vincent & Grendines: Digicel

Peru: Bitel and Entel

El Salvador: Digicel

Indonesia: Indosat

Grenada: Digicel

Guinea: Cellcom

Guinea-Bissau: MTN

Dominica: Digicel

Vanuatu: Telecom

Mauritania: Mauritel

Cambodia: Smart Axiata

We love feedback. Kindly leave your thoughts in the comment section. However, you can hit us on Telegram if you want to chat with us one-on-one.

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