New Working SNI Host List For Ha Tunnel Plus VPN

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SNI Host List For Ha Tunnel Plus

A working bug host or SNI host is one major requirement when it comes to getting free Internet access, and so applies to Ha Tunnel Plus VPN. Every day, Techfoe readers do request new Ha Tunnel hosts from me to use in their free Internet trick setup. Though I do my best in attending to most of the requests, it's usually difficult to attend to every person. So in this article, I will be posting over 400 working (SNI hostname list) SNI host list for Ha Tunnel Plus VPN which also can be used on any VPN tunnel app to still get internet with unlimited data.

Just before we proceed, I want to correct those that always demand Ha Tunnel Plus custom SNI codes. There is a section for Custom SNI on the VPN app which you may refer to as "Custom SNI host for Ha Tunnel Plus" which is okay...but there are no "codes" involved. It's just the SNI bug hosts or free Internet proxy that is needed for this section, but if there is something else that I don't know then kindly tell me in the comment section.

Back to the post of the moment. The aim of this post is to make available to you guys the current working SNI hostname list for Ha Tunnel Plus VPN. I've compiled Ha Tunnel hosts for different networks for our readers to access and use for free Internet. I will keep updating this post with new hosts.

Also, there is another section in this post that contains "9 ways to get working Ha Tunnel hosts for free". In that part, you will find methods that will show you how to discover all forms of bug hosts from CDN network providers, Cloudflare zero-rated websites, packet hosts, free CDN hosts, SNI hosts, and more. This will reduce your dependence on other people to give you a free SNI/bug host.

You can go through the SNI hostnames in this post and choose that of your network. However, I strongly recommend that you also check out the second section to help you out with a free Internet host.

Note: This article was updated on 03/11/2022 with new Ha Tunnel hosts. Though they all work, you might experience issues with some hosts if you don't apply them correctly.

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How To Get Unlimited Internet For Free On Ha Tunnel Plus VPN

Since this post is about Ha Tunnel Plus free Internet settings and Ha Tunnel hosts, I wouldn't want to deviate from the topic of discussion. At the same time, I don't want to take much of your time with much talk. So for readers new to this site, I highly recommend this in-depth tutorial that will guide you on how to set up Ha Tunnel Plus VPN and create Ha Tunnel files.

If you want a ready-made working Ha Tunnel configuration file for your network then check out our latest working Ha Tunnel Plus Config Files post. For the working SNI hostname list, you will have to check the second section for our in-depth guide on how to get a working host for free Internet.

Ha Tunnel Hosts:

Just before you go through the SNI hostname list, I want to give you some vital tips when it comes to configuring the Ha Tunnel Plus VPN. At some point when configuring your VPN tunnel app, some of you have lost very good SNI hosts that were working but you thought were actually dead because of a few mistakes that you did.

How did I know this? On countless occasions, many Techfoe readers have given me SNI hosts that they've tried to use for free Internet but have given up because they don't work! Well, it turned out that most of the SNI hosts were working but they didn't know a simple trick to make it work. Okay, let's look at it.

Take for example. You want to configure as your SNI host, but when you tried it on port 443 it didn't work. But then, you are very certain that the bug host works but the result leaves you confused.

The first thing you are to do is to remove the "www" and try just alone and see if it works. In contrast, if the original SNI host were to be, you will add www to it and then apply it.

However, If that doesn't work still, the next step is to reverse proxy the SNI host and re-apply it. So how does this help? As I stated in this tutorial that teaches how to get hidden CDN SNI hostnames, there are some ISPs or carriers whose firewalls and network security are configured in different ways. 

On some networks, the connection is restricted to hostnames only and so whenever you use an IP address on your tunneling app, the connection will bounce and won't connect. The only way for it to work is to use the free host.

The same applies when your ISP has a restricted connection to IP addresses only, hostnames won't work unless when the IP address is used. 

To bypass this, visit yougetsignal and input your SNI hostname. When you get the IP address from the site, use it as your SNI and then re-connect.

While we are at the trick, kindly remember to like our Facebook Page and YouTube channel, and as well, join our Telegram Channel for more free unlimited Internet tricks and tutorials.

Note: This post is for EDUCATIONAL purposes only! You are responsible for your action and usage of it. Techfoe only drops such to alert ISPs of their vulnerabilities so that they can fix them.

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Free SNI Host List In South Africa

Most of the zero-rated SNI hosts in South Africa listed here work for MTN, CellC, Vodacom, and Telkom. But then I said, "most" and "not all" because some Ha Tunnel hosts still work just for one network alone. Also, nowadays, most of the hosts have a daily limit and not the unlimited that they used to be. (Telkom and other networks)  (MTN and other networks) (MTN and other networks) (MTN and other networks) or (MTN and other networks) (Vodacom and other networks) (Vodacom and other networks)  (CellC)

           SNI: (running on port 443)

           (port 443)

           (port 443)


Rwanda Ha Tunnel SNI Hostname List

        SNI or Custom SNI:


        DNS Mode: or (Port 8080). Also, you caninput in the settings Pry: & Sec:

        SNI:  (Port 8080)

    Airtel and Tigo RW:

       SNI: (Port: 80 or 8080)

       SNI: (Airtel)


        SNI: (this can be used as a Custom SNI on port 443 or 80, or even a custom Host header on port 80)

       (port 80, 8080, or 443)

        DNS Mode: or (port 8080) Enable custom settings in Settings and input Pry: & Sec:

        SNI: (port 80, 8080 oor 443)


        DNS Mode:  (port 80) Enable custom settings in Settings and input Pry: & Sec:

Vietnam Ha Tunnel Hosts

These SNI hosts are mostly used on port 443, and maybe 80 and 8080 if you want something extra.

        Viettel:, or

Pakistan Ha Tunnel SNI Hosts

        Zong:, or


Trinidad & Tobago Ha Tunnel SNI Hosts

            SNI: (port 8080 or 80)

Zimbabwe Ha Tunnel SNI Hosts


Congo DR SNI Host List For Ha Tunnel 


Thailand Ha Tunnel Hosts



Colombia Ha Tunnel SNI Host List


Namibia Ha Tunnel SNI Host List

        MTC:  (runs on port 80 or other ports)

Congo DR Ha Tunnel SNI Host List


        SNI: (Can be used as a Custom SNI or SNI on ports 443 and 80)

Afghanistan Ha Tunnel SNI Host List


        DNS Mode: or 

Uganda Ha Tunnel SNI Host List


        SNI: (this can be used as a Custom SNI on port 443 or even a custom Host header)

        SNI: (Port 443 or 80)

        SNI: (port 443)


        SNI: or reverse proxy it to get similar hosts (i.e on port 443

       SNI: (port 80)

Togo Ha Tunnel SNI Host List


        DNS Mode: (port 8080) Enable custom settings in Settings and input Pry: & Sec:


        DNS Mode:  (port 80) Enable custom settings in Settings and input Pry: & Sec:

Ivory Coast Ha Tunnel SNI Host List


        DNS Mode: or (on port 80) Enable custom settings in Settings and input Pry: & Sec:

        SNI: (Port 443)

Egypt Ha Tunnel SNI Host List


        SNI: (port 443 or 80)

        SNI: (Port 443)

DR Congo Ha Tunnel Hosts:


        SNI: (Port 443)


        DNS Mode: (Port 443) Enable custom settings in Settings and input Pry: & Sec:

Myanmar Ha Tunnel Host List:

    Mectel: or (for either Custom Method or SNI)

Tanzania Free Ha Tunnel Host:

    TTCL, Halotel, Tigo, and Airtel:

        DNS: or (Port 8080 or other ports) Also add and in your primary and secondary DNS settings.

Swaziland Ha Tunnel Hosts


        DNS: (Port 8888)

Mozambique Ha Tunnel Host List:


        SNI: (Port: 443)



        SNI: (Port: 80)

United Kingdom:



Cameroon Ha Tunnel Hosts:

    MTN: (Port: 443)

    Camtel and MTN: DNS: (Port: 8080)

Pakistan Ha Tunnel Plus:


        SNI: Port: 80 (you can add, to the DNS section if you're experiencing slowing connection, or its refusing to connect.)



        SNI: (Port: 8080)








        DNS: or or Both runs on port 80



        DNS: or 




Togo Ha Tunnel: 

    Togocel and Moov:  (Port: 80)



        SNI: (port 80)

9 Ways To Get A Working Ha Tunnel Plus Host

SNI hosts or bug hosts offer one of the best ways to get free Internet. You can configure your payloads on the VPN tunnel app of your choice, using different forms of injection to access an unlimited Internet connection.

As a Ha Tunnel Plus VPN user, your VPN tunnel app will be useless if you depend on people for SNI hosts and don't know how to source for them yourself. 

All the methods shown in this article have been used and proven to work. It's not something or some ideas that just came to my head and then I decided to dish them out to the public. This is what I've used on many occasions to create free Internet tricks for different networks around the world. 


Some of you might see some methods I discussed previously in one of my articles. If you happen to be one of those people, you can either skip that method and go to the next, though I recommend that you read it again because I do update these articles from time to time with new information which you might miss if you assume that you've read them before.

1. Covid-19 Portals:

Covid-19 is no news to everyone. The pandemic took the world by storm and many people around the globe didn't know much about Covid-19, and how to prevent its spread. To help combat misinformation and educate people on the flu, and keep people updated on the infected rated, there are many sites offering this information for free.

These sites include many international health bodies, local health organizations, and as well your government health body. Most of these sites are zero-rated and allow you to access them for free without having data on your SIM card. 80% of the countries affected by Covid-19 have zero-rated access to sites offering resourceful covid-19 information on all their networks.

International organizations such as WHO, UNICEF, CDC, and many others have been zero-rated in different countries. And most of them serve as a working SNI host for free Internet access on the VPN tunnel app of your choice.

Here comes your part. Other than the International organizations that we mentioned, you can check your network for these kinds of sites and test if they are still accessible for free and can be used as an SNI host. Our article here will add give you some ideas on where to look at.

2. CDN SNI Hosts: 

The CDN host method isn't something that most people know about. We already have an article that deeply explains how this method works, but I will still cover it. 

This method has to do with the CDN network providers powering a whitelisted site on your ISP's network. Since it's easy for your ISP to filter a whitelisted site or blocked a zero-rated site from being used to tunnel for free net access, we will head deep into the CDN zone which doesn't get much attention from your ISP.

Since not every site is on a CDN network, you will have to manually check if your zero-rated site is on a CDN network. If it is, you will check if that CDN network can be accessed for free too. From there, we dive a bit further to get the working free CDN hosts. 

One good thing with this method is that it works even for hosts that have been blocked by your ISP. So if you have an SNI host that your ISP recently blocked, this method is for you.

Due to how big this method is involving several techniques to get working CDN hosts, I won't be able to summarise it. instead, I highly recommend that you visit the full article and get yourself some working SNI bug hosts.

3. Sniffing Method:

For most of you that use networking sniffing software, the use of the app ends at sniffing out working configurations on other VPN tunneling software like Ha Tunnel Plus VPN. However, the use of network sniffing software goes beyond that.

In this method, users get to sniff out packet hosts on their ISP's network using a sniffer app and network analyzer tool.

The sniffing app, which is also called a packet sniffer, network analyzer, or network sniffer app can be used to sniff or intercept data on your network. The data or packets transmitted on your network are done through a protocol stack known as the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), and so, each data is assigned a port and IP address which is whitelisted on your network to enable the data to leave one end and be received at the other end. And that is where the packet sniffer app comes in ..... to capture the data and harvest the port, IP address, and a few other details.

But then, how does this help in getting you free Internet access? It's not that difficult. Let's say that you've harvested the data with the methods shown in this post, the next step is to configure the details in your VPN tunneling software. Once you've done that, your VPN tunnel app will then hide your connection and make it look like it's the regular data that is being sent since the injection on your tunneling app has that 'whitelisted' IP address and port in the configuration.

This way, your connection will go through and allow you access to the Internet for free since your ISP firewall is programmed to allow whitelisted "IP addresses or domains" to go through.

And since they have been whitelisted on your network, you will be able to use them on your VPN tunnel app and access free Internet. 

For the packet sniffers to work and sniff out the information that will give you free Internet access, you will need some apps on your network to make this possible. The type of apps I'm referring to are those applications that you can use on your network for free even when you don't have data.

Some of these apps have been zero-rated on your network and come in different forms; there are some owned by your ISP and might come as a self-care app, music streaming app, or something similar. Others might be from other companies partnering with your ISP, and they might come in the form of a new app or an app that offers useful information and tips, such as a health app, banking app, Wikipedia, Covid-19 app, and more.

In case you still don't know what's free and isn't, there are a few ways to do that. Go to your ISP's Facebook and Instagram Page, and Twitter handle, and then check both new and old posts for anything related to the apps mentioned above.

Also, you can check your SMS inbox for messages from your ISP, or even check Google. Those apps i mentioned are common during this Covid-19 period and shouldn't be an issue.

I've written an article on how to capture packets and use them for free Internet. The article is free and won't take you much time to go through it.

4. SNI Host List:

There are hundreds of SNI hosts out there being used every day to access the Internet for free. Even on your network, there are many bug hosts people use but choose to keep to themselves and won't share with others. 

But then, what if I told you that there is an SNI host finder that will give you access to the SNI host list for bug hosts currently being used in your region? Yes, getting these hosts aren't as difficult as you think. However, these SNI hosts comprise working hosts and hosts that are currently being tested in your region. 

You will get to see their configuration settings and injection mode. From there, you can modify yours to something on your Ha Tunnel Plus VPN app. In this way, you get to have your Ha Tunnel hosts with less stress.

To get this method working for you, take a peep at our article on how to comb for working SNI hostname list for free unlimited Internet.

5. Reverse Proxy:

This method is for those that have some SNI hosts or bug hosts of some sort that doesn't work or give them free Internet access. There are some hosts on your network, though free to access without data, you can't use them for free Internet because they have been filtered heavily. 

There are several reasons for this, of which I've stated some of it before. To resolve such, you can reverse proxy your Ha Tunnel host on a site like yougetsingal and see other domains hosted on the same server with your bug host.

From there, you can check out those domains or IP addresses if they can serve as a free Internet host on your Ha Tunnel Plus VPN app. However, there are some things you need to note when typing your hostname or IP address in the search bar on the Yougetsignal site. 

You can type your hostname with 'www' added to it but if it returns an error message, type it without the 'www'. If it still gives you an error, add 'https' if it's a secured site or 'http' if it's not encrypted. Small details like might make you lose out on a very good host that would have given you free unlimited Internet connection.

6. Governmental Sites:

Covid-19 showed up at the breakfast table uninvited, and there was much misinformation being spread about covid-19. To tackle misinformation and give citizens health-related tips and update on Covid-19, many countries around the world made their health websites free access on their country's network so that those who didn't have data could still access the information.

Some countries call their health department 'Ministry of Health (MoH), while others call theirs 'Department of Health' (DoH), you should know what yours is called in your country and their website URL, and other affiliated sites that can be accessed for free

Take, for example, you live in Myanmar and don't know what your health ministry is, all you have to do is to Google "MoE Myanmar" and then copy down their website (if it's still free because it was) and then check their site and newsletters for affiliates and other sites that can be accessed for free.

Similarly, you can do the same for your country's education ministry. Then again, some countries call theirs 'Ministry of Education' (MoE), while others are the 'Department of Education' (DoE). You can apply the health department techniques here and also get their websites and other affiliated sites.

But when it comes to the education sector, there are many websites that are free on networks in your country. Some of these sites are offering free remote learning, others are tertiary institutions sites, and online portals offering updates on school resumption and related matters. 

You can also check for other government websites too that can be accessed for free and apply the above techniques.

7. Zero-rated sites:

There are millions of websites out there that have been zero-rated by many networks around the world for different purposes. Though the practice of zero-rating websites has always been there, it became very popular during the Covid-19 pandemic.

During the period, hundreds of networks around the world zero-rated many websites so that those people could access information and news of different sort and be up to date with the happenings. 

Just like I mentioned before, there are millions of these sites and many of them can be used as an SNI host to provide free Internet access. We've used them before and even demonstrated how it works in some videos we made.

If this interests you, we have thousands of these zero-rated websites for different networks for you to access for free and use. All that you need to do is scroll down to your network and check them out. 

Another important thing you have to know is that "not all zero-rated sites are SNI hosts". Just take note.

8. Promotional Links:

Do you receive promotional links from time to time about a particular product or service? Oh, you deleted the SMS or blocked such notification? Well, you might consider letting such messages get to your phone even if you are not patronizing them because they can serve a bigger purpose.

Yes, promotional links too can get you free Internet access without much stress. There are several ways to do it. In fact, this is one of the oldest methods to get a free Internet host. And yes, it might work straight away for you, while sometimes it wouldn't. 

However, there are several ways to make the bug host be of purpose to you. When encountering any form of difficulties with it, you can use the 'Reverse Proxy", or "CDN Hosts" method and make it be of better use to you.

Still wondering how to get these promotional links other than via SMS? You can visit your ISPs' Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and their other social media handles and comb through for anything pertinent. 

9. Subscription Links And Trial:

This method is similar to the 'Promotional Links' method that we just discussed. The difference here is that this method doesn't use a promotional link, instead, it uses a link that offers a subscription or trial for a product or service.

This subscription could be in the form of music, video, social media, or something related. While most might have an app to access the contents, others might not. For those subscriptions that are web-based, the link might be free or might demand that you subscribe to the pack before it can be accessed. 

If the link is free, you can just copy down the URL. If it offers a free trial, you can just sign up for it and still write down the URL. But then, if the subscription service has an app instead, Google for the web link and see if it can be accessed for free (even when you sign up for a free trial). 

However, if you don't get free access to the web link, use the Sniffing method I mentioned before in this article to get the server housing the app's activities. Still, you can also use methods like the Reverse Proxy and CDN Host to work on your newly discovered host. 

So, here we are! Kindly leave your say and suggestions in the comment section. Meanwhile, I have another article coming up that will show you how to use a very easy trick to dig your network for free Internet access. 

This method uses only one protocol but employs a clever technique to get users free Internet access. Stay glued to our site and social channels for more updates like this.

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      And yes, you can do it on the web too if you want to scan someone else's network but most times it gives the wrong result.

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