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When it comes to free Internet, our Google queries are endless; we search for things like "how to get free data", "how to get the Internet for free", "best ways to get free Internet", and so on the endless search goes. However, there aren't many people out there that are willing to offer free Internet trick tutorials for free. Well, we at Techfoe have you covered and today I will show you another trick to use and access the Internet for free.

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How To Get The Internet For Free

I've discussed several working ways to get cheap Internet, as well, as methods to get free Internet with unlimited data at no cost on any network and ISP in the world. This includes networks such as MTN, Telenor, Airtel, Vodacom, Safaricom, Digicel, Ooredoo, AT&T, Orange, and others. You can use SNI hosts and hosts from CDN network providers to get working tricks with fast Internet speed. 

We also have an SNI host finder guide to help you find hidden hosts for free, and also a post that contains the current working SNI hostname list for all the networks. These are just a few of the many free Internet tricks tutorials that you can find in this section of our site.

Though all the methods discussed in our tutorials work, there are times when your ISP might block your current settings and patch the loophole. Thus, you will have to dig for another setting. These things happen from time to time when settings get shared openly, or when they get reported.

However, do you know that there are some free Internet tricks that are hardly blocked or not blocked at all? Yes, we've been using some of these tricks for years and they still work even at the moment. But then, we don't take this method of accessing free Internet seriously because we only use it as a backup to the main trick (which is much faster), and only resort to using it when the main trick is blocked. This method of free Internet is done via DNS tunneling.

But before we go any further, what is DNS tunneling and how do you get free Internet via DNS tunneling? Let's understand the basics which will help us with the setup.

What Is DNS Tunneling?

In much simpler terms, DNS Tunneling is the ability to encode the data of other programs or protocols in DNS queries and responses.

DNS is one of the fundamental protocols of the Internet. It was created for name resolution and not for data exchange, which is one of the reasons why it is often overlooked and not viewed as a risk. Instead, your ISP focuses its security on web traffic which is the reason why the other tricks get blocked.

But then, since DNS wasn't meant for traffic exchange, this method of "forced tunneling" means you won't be getting fast Internet speed. 

Note: This post is for EDUCATIONAL purposes only! You are responsible for your action and usage of it. Techfoe only drops such to alert ISPs of their vulnerabilities so that they can fix them.

How To Get Unlimited Internet For Free Via DNS Tunneling

Since free Internet tricks that use the DNS protocol are hardly blocked, we've seen increased demands from our readers on Techfoe, asking for more of these tricks. 

One thing about DNS tunneling is that you don't undergo much stress looking for a free Internet host, packet host, or any form of bug host to use in tunneling for free Internet. The procedures I used in this post are simple, straightforward, and very easy for anyone to implement and get a free unlimited Internet connection.

Follow the procedures in this post and don't miss any steps to get Internet with unlimited data at no cost. In case you have questions or encounter any issues during the setup, don't hesitate to hit me up in the comment section.

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How To Get Your ISP DNS Server IP Addresses

  1. Download "Net Analyzer" from the Google Play Store
  2. Install and then open it.
  3. Click on "Information" in the left-hand corner of the screen.
  4. Scroll down to "DNS Server IP" and then write down the two IP addresses you see there because you will need them later in this article.
Now that you are done with the above steps. The next step is to identify free DNS providers from which we can pick working DNS free servers that can also be used to get free Internet access. But why do we need these servers if that of our provider will get us free Internet? 

First, most times the DNS server of your ISP might not be that fast and so we will instead use that of a public DNS server. The second reason? Well, if the DNS provided by your ISP fails to connect.

Free DNS Server List

There are hundreds of DNS servers out there, both paid DNS servers and public DNS servers. However, if you try using random DNS server addresses for this trick then you might end up not getting the expected results. Thus, I have listed a few free public DNS servers.

Cloudflare DNS:,

Google DNS:,



Yandex DNS:,

How To Get Working DNS Free Servers 
  1. Download "DNS Test" from the Google Play Store.
  2. Install and then open it
  3. Click on the three-dotted icon at the right end of the screen
  4. Under "General", go to "Default View" and select "DNS Test".
  5. Under "Compatibility", toggle to enable "Multithreaded Testing". Next, toggle "use Ping instead of query" if you prefer Ping to query. For me, I like to query so I will leave it that way.
  6. Under "Experimental", toggle to enable "Show Current DNS Server"
  7. Now go back and click on "Start" to Ping or query all the DNS servers in the app. Give it a few seconds to get the results.
  8. By now it should be done. Kindly avoid the ones with red results and go for the ones with yellow or green results. Write the results down because you will make use of them later.
If you want to test for a DNS that is not there on the app, click on the + icon and then add the primary and secondary IP addresses of the DNS. You can now go to "DNS Changer" and do the test.

Steps To Set up Free Internet 

There are many VPN tunnel apps out there, but not all of them accept DNS tunneling. So, I have listed a few VPN tunneling software that I will use and depict how to get a free unlimited Internet connection at no cost. 

Just so you know, all the examples that I will be using in this article are actual tricks that currently work. So if you happen to see for that of your network, use it and enjoy free Internet access while those on other networks should use it as a guide to set up their own. Trust me guys, it's very simple and easy. 

Before we proceed, ensure that you have all of the listed requirements below.


  1. Your SIM card with zero data and airtime
  2. An Android Smartphone 
  3. Download all of the VPN tunneling software below:

While we are at the trick, kindly remember to like our Facebook Page, and YouTube channel, and as well, join our Telegram Channel for more free unlimited Internet tricks and tutorials.

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Ha Tunnel VPN Plus Free Internet Settings Using DNS Tunneling

In this section, I will show you how to configure Ha Tunnel Plus free Internet using the DNS protocol. Ensure that you have your ISP DNS server addresses because I have that of Mascom Botswana written down.

  • Install the Ha Tunnel Plus VPN app that you've downloaded and then open it. 
  • Enable Custom Setup and under Connection Mode, select DNSTT Tunnel 
    • In the DNS Server section, input your DNS there. As for Mascom Botswana users, put or Alternatively, you can input Cloudflare DNS which is and it will still work.
    • In the Select Port section, select port 80 
    • Click on Select Server and then select the server of your choice. I recommend the United States, the United Kingdom, France, or Canada.
    • Next, click on the settings icon at the top right corner of the screen and do the following:
          • Connection Retry: Enable
          • Forward DNS: Don't enable
          • Custom DNS: Enable and then use Google or Cloudflare DNS as shown below
        For Google DNS. Primary DNS:, Secondary DNS:
        For Cloudflare DNS. Primary DNS:, Secondary DNS:

          • Connect through an HTTP Proxy: Don't enable
          • Override Primary Host: Don't enable
          • Primary Nameserver: Ha Tunnel has taken care of it
          • Base Tunnel: Choose P2P but if it's acting up and not giving you the sought-after result then return and select SSH 2.0. (Both work anyway)
          • TLS Version: Choose ANY
        • Now return back and click on START to initiate the connection. When it finally connects, an advert will appear on your screen. Give it a few minutes before exiting. Now you can enjoy free Internet with unlimited connection at no cost.

        Note for Ha Tunnel: 

        There are several ways on how to connect Ha Tunnel Plus VPN. If you look at the above setup, I used port 80 because that port and a few other ports are currently working for Mascom Botswana users. As for your case, if it doesn't work, there are many other ports there and you can try one after the other and see if it will give you a different result.

        Also, when you've tried your ISP DNS server and it doesn't work, you can use an external DNS. As for Mascom, its DNS work and so is that of Cloudflare and Google. In fact, the Cloudflare and Google DNS servers offer fast connections when users tried using the trick.

        How To Setup Hero DNSTT

        Here, I will show you how to configure the Hero DNSTT VPN app and get the Internet with unlimited data. So ensure you have your ISP DNS address and a private or public DNS server address too in case yours doesn't work. 

        I will be using the MTN Cameroon network to depict how this works. And yes, the settings below actually work. So if you are an MTN Cameroon user, here are your free Internet settings.

        • Install and open the Hero DNSTT app
          • Configure as shown below;
            • Server: Choose the one of your choice
            • Port: 53
            • DNS Resolver: Input your DNS here. However, MTN Cameroon users can use, or, or
            • Segments: 6 or 5
          • Now click on "START" to initiate the connection. When it goes through, minimize and enjoy a free unlimited Internet connection.

          Note for DNSTT:

          Always ensure to add :53 at the end of your DNS address or any DNS address that you want to put in the DNS Resolver. For example, Vodacom DRC users will in the DNS Resolver section for their free Internet connection.

          Also, when you open the DNSTT app and then click on the "refresh" icon, the app will display your ISP DNS server address. From there, you can just connect. But if the connection doesn't go through, you will have to 

          TLS Tunnel Free Internet Settings

          The TLS Tunnel offers another great way to access free Internet. I've illustrated using three African networks already, so this time I will switch and make use of Asian networks. 

          In this guide, I will create a trick for MTN Afghanistan. Ensure you also have the needed DNS servers for your own configuration.

          • Install both TLS Tunnel and TLS Tunnel Plugin.
          • Open the TLS Tunnel Plugin app
          • Click on Connection Method and select DNS Tunnel
          • Now configure as shown below:
            • Connection Type: UDP [53] (You can change it later if it doesn't suit you, but UDP [53] is what we use almost all the whole time)
            • DNS Server: Type in your own DNS server here. As for MTN Afghanistan, I will be using
            • Port: 53
            • Requested Domain: Leave it like that. TLS Tunnel has its own there already
            • Public Key: TLS Tunnel has also taken care of this part too.
          • Return back and click on the settings icon at the top right side of the screen.
          • Configure as seen below:
            • Countdown: Enable it
            • Country Names: Enable it
            • Auto Reconnect: Enable it
            • Use TLS 1.2: Enable it (You can disable it if you don't want to)
            • Forward DNS: Enable it
            • Use Server DNS: Enable and then use Google or Cloudflare DNS as shown below
          For Google DNS. Primary DNS:, Secondary DNS:
          For Cloudflare DNS. Primary DNS:, Secondary DNS:
            • Renewal Notice: Enable it
            • Load ads automatically: Enable it
          • Return back, click on Server and select the one of your choice
          • Now click on Start to initiate the connection. When it does, minimize the app and enjoy free Internet access.

          Note for TLS Tunnel:

          As seen similarly on the DNSTT VPN app, you can click on the "refresh" icon in the DNS Server section of the app to give you your ISP's DNS server address. There, you can also go ahead with the connection.

          Open Tunnel Free Internet Setup

          The Open Tunnel VPN app is a bit different from the other VPN tunneling software that we've done. You will need to create an SSH account and then use the details to configure this app. So in this article, I will be creating working settings for Ooredoo and Mytel networks in Myanmar. Get for that of your network too.

          SSH Account creation:

          • Visit by clicking the link
          • Choose any server (preferably a server with 200 users or less. The red ones have been exhausted while the blue ones still have space)

            • On the next page, type in the Username and Password of your choice and then click on Create.
              • When your account is finally created, ensure you copy the details because you will need them later.

                Configure Open Tunnel:

                • Install and open the Open Tunnel app.
                • Click on the settings icon at the top right corner of the screen.
                • Configure as seen below:
                  • Forward DNS: Tick it
                  • Primary DNS: Input
                • Return back and click on the hamburger icon at the top left corner of the screen.
                • Click on SSH Settings and then configure it as shown below:
                  • SSH Host: Copy your hostname from your configuration and paste it here. Please it should be the DNS and not the Cloudflare. Here is mine:
                  • SSH Port: 443
                  • Username: The username from the config is 
                  • Password: The password I created was 12345.
                  • Go back and click on the SlowDNS tab for it to switch
                  • Now configure as seen below:
                    • DNS: Put your ISP DNS server here. (I used for Ooredoo and Mytel)
                    • Pub Key: Copy the pub key from the account you created and paste it here
                    • Name Server: Paste the DNS Host Name from the account here. Mine is
                  • Now click on START to initiate the connection. When it finally goes through, minimize and enjoy a free unlimited Internet connection.


                  If you already have the Open Tunnel app downloaded on your phone, ensure to Clear Settings/Data so as to avoid mix-ups in the settings. Also, feel free to use any of those public hosts I posted.....most especially Google and Cloudflare DNS.

                  xSocks Free Internet Trick

                  xSocks VPN tunnel app works in a similar way to Open Tunnel. To get free Internet via DNS tunneling on this app, you will have to create an account from AkunSSH or Opentunnet, or some other site.

                  Here, I will create a working free Internet setting for Telenor network users in Pakistan. Ensure you also have your ISP DNS server address too.

                  • Install and open the xSocks app
                  • Click Direct Proxy - SSH and select SLOWDNS and then Save.
                    • Click on the hamburger icon at the top left corner of the screen.
                      • Select SlowDNS Settings and configure as shown below:
                        • Public Key: Put your public key as shown from the profile you created
                        • Server Name: Input the server here
                        • DNS: Put your DNS server here. As for Telenor Pakistan, I will use Google's DNS
                        • Username: Put the created username here 
                        • Password: Put the password you created here 
                      • Now return back and click on START to initiate the connection. Give it a few minutes to connect and by then you will be able to surf the Internet for free at zero cost.


                      If you are not using the xSocks VPN app for the first time, ensure to Clear Settings/Data. Also, feel free to use any of those public hosts I posted.


                      Free Internet via DNS tunneling isn't the fastest or best way. However, it does give users free unlimited Internet connection. I urge anyone that wants to surf the net this way to use a 4G or 5G connection for it. This way, you won't get a sluggish connection.

                      There are other VPN tunneling software that can still be used such as Slow DNS, SSH Injector, HTTP Injector, Troid VPN, TunnelCat, and others that can be used for the same trick too. Feel free to experiment with whatever that you feel works well for you.

                      The comment section is open for those that have questions related to our of our free Internet trick tutorials. If you want a private conversation, then message PappiHex on Telegram. For free Internet trick updates and tutorials like this, ensure to like our Facebook PageYouTube, and Telegram Channel.

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