Ultimate Guide To Get Free Internet Using CDN Hosts On Every Network In The World

Today, we will be discussing exposing a new way on how to get free unlimited Internet access on any carrier or ISP provider in the world at no cost. Trust me, this is something that you will love. So I urge you to read till the end.

So here we are. Our focus today will be more on content delivery networks (CDN) and I will explain how these can be used to your own advantage to create Ha Tunnel Plus files or configuration on any tunneling app to get free internet access.

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One good thing with this trick is that one working configuration for carrier or network A might work for carrier or network B. For example, the configuration file that we made for Ooredoo Myanmar might work for MTN and CellC South Africa, and even Safaricom network in Kenya, as long as a few resource record match which is common.

If you are new or old in free Internet trick creation, you might have noticed that there are some sites (free hosts) on your ISP networks that you can browse upon totally for free even when you don't have data on your SIM card. However, whenever you try using them in any tunneling app for free Internet trick it doesn't work. 

Yeah, I know. Many Techfoe readers do complain of that to me almost on a daily basis. But then, what if I told you that those sites which you might have tagged as "useless" or "non-working" hosts can actually prove useful to you in creating a working free internet trick?

Okay, those kinds of hosts might not be used directly in your Psiphon, Ha Tunnel Plus, or the tunneling app of your choice for free Internet connection, but then they will reveal something vital in making the trick work.

Just to make things clear for our first-time readers, when I talk about free hosts or free sites, I'm referring to those websites that you can access on your carrier or ISP networks for free even when you don't have data on your SIM card. Even when you have data on your SIM card, your ISP doesn't deduct your data when you browse upon those sites. Access to them is for free. 

Still confused or don't know how to get those kinds of hosts on your network? Click here to learn more as I detailed never-discussed methods on how to get secret working free hosts and SNI hostnames on your network that can be used to get free unlimited Internet access. First time readers should first read this post to understand some terms that we will be using in this post.

Now back to the discussion. Let's take a look at our first example. Let's say you don't have data on your SIM card (I usually recommend a SIM card that doesn't have data) and there is a free host on your network which is accessible for free even without data. But then, your network provider has completely filtered the site so that whenever you try using it as a host or SNI hostname it doesn't ever connect on your tunneling app! But wait, aren't we missing something here?

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There are some online resources that are important in powering a site. Even though your network provider has filtered those free hosts to prevent them from being used for free Internet access, those resources are, however, whitelisted. And by whitelisted, I mean these resources are allowed access on your network provider's system.....in other words, they can be accessed without data.

An example of such is a CDN network. 

Last month, I wrote a tutorial that uses CDN WebSocket to force through any connection to get users free unlimited Internet access on any network. Today's tutorial is also connected to it, which leads to the below questions:

What Is A CDN Network?

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. 

How Do Content Delivery Networks Work?

A CDN is a highly distributed platform of servers that helps in reducing delays in loading web page contents by reducing the physical distance between the user and the server.

According to Cloudflare, "A CDN allows for the quick transfer of assets needed for loading content including HTML pages, javascript files, stylesheets, images, and videos." A CDN improves a website's speed, efficiency and as well, enhances security.

Today, many companies around the world are utilizing CDN's for hosting. In fact, more than half of the web traffic today in the world is being served through CDNs, including traffic from giants like Facebook, Comcast, Amazon, Netflix, Yahoo, and others. That doesn't end there, CDNs are expected to carry 72% of the world's total Internet traffic by 2022.

CDN Network Providers

There are many content delivery networks out there, a few examples are:

Cloudfront CDN, Cloudflare CDN (please don't confuse this with the first guy), Fastly CDN, Akamai CDN, Imperva CDN, Microsoft Azure, Verizon EdgeCats CDN, Stackpath CDN, Rackspace CDN, CDN77, etc. While there are many other CDN networks out there, these are the best content delivery networks.

How Content Delivery Networks Can Be Used To Get Free Unlimited Internet Access

To depict how this works, I will be using a free host on Airtel Nigeria. Mind you, before making this post, we've tested this on all the networks in Myanmar and it worked well (we will later talk about that a little bit). We also tested this method on Digicel, Glo, MTN, Tigo, and a few others too, and they worked well. We know many other tricks currently using this method too.

We will be using this host www.covid19.ncdc.gov.ng which is a free host on the Airtel Nigeria network. Please, use your own free host. That host is for those living in Nigeria and it's intended to demonstrate how this method works. (Techfoe readers in Nigeria helped me out with the testing and other related stuff)

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Now, as we've discussed before in our tutorial on reverse proxy free Internet, www.covid19.ncdc.gov.ng or any working free host can be used as a host or SNI hostname in your tunneling app.

However, if the above host or any other hosts that you've got doesn't work for you, you can go to yougetsignal and Reverse IP Domain check your free host(s) to see the sites hosted on the same server. If those sites are whitelisted or accessible for free on your network provider's network, they can also be configured on your tunneling app for free Internet access. But then we are not here for this method. We've got something new.

Since most free hosts do prove difficult or easily get blocked when used for free Internet access, we won't be using www.covid19.ncdc.gov.ng or any hosts that you've got directly on your tunneling app for free Internet access. Instead, we will be using CDNs on your free hosts because your network provider usually whitelists requests coming from their CDN provider(s). This will be easier to bypass their DPI or firewalls.

But here is the thing. A CDN is a large network and several domains will be mapped to one single CDN host. And if your network provider whitelists that CDN host, most of the domains behind that same IP and on that same network will be whitelisted too. Now let's take a look at how to find the CDN network providers of your free host.

How To Find The CDN Network Used In A Website (or free host)

It's easy to find the CDN network used on your free host. It's either you get it from the source code or you can simply do it online (if you have data). But then, have it in mind that some sites use multi-CDN networks, while other sites might not be using any. Let's take a look at the two methods.

Source code Method:

This method works offline. You don't need to have data to do this, as long it is a free host simply do the following. I will be using www.covid19.ncdc.gov.ng for Airtel Nigeria.

1. Open your computer or mobile phone browser and visit your free hosts. As for me, I will be visiting www.covid19.ncdc.gov.ng.

2. When the free site loads completely, right-click and click on "Page Source" or anything similar to that. For those who might be trying this on their smartphone, since there is no right-click, simply add "view-source" to their free host. This is mine view-source:https://covid19.ncdc.gov.ng.

3. From the left top side of the screen, tick on "Line wrap" if there is anything of such. 

4. The CDN network(s) usually are found at the head and foot section as seen in the screenshots below. However, feel free to explore every angle of the code if need be.

Check the head section as shown above and also the foot section as shown below

5. Now write down the CDN hosts that you've gotten from the source code. As for me, I got stackpath.bootstrapcdn.com, cdnjs.cloudflare.com, oss.maxcdn.com, and cdn.jsdeliver.net.

Online Method:

This method involves you typing in your free host URL to check for the CDN online. You can't do this without data on your SIM card or WiFi connection. This can be done in two ways.

A. CDN Planet:

1. Click here to visit CDN Planet

2. When the site opens, type in your CDN hostname in the space provided, tick on "Website" and then click on "Run CDN finder", and you should see your result. Below is mine.

3. Now write down the CDN hosts. But then, the source code method will give you a much better result than this.

B. DNS Watch:

1. Click here to visit DNS Watch

2. When it opens, in the area provided and then choose "A" under Type and then click on "Resolve". You should see something similar to the below screenshot.

Please only use this method if only you know what you are doing. If not, kindly use any of the two methods mentioned above.

Now that we have written down our CDN hosts, the next step is to review them to see if we can access them for free without data. So you will have to use a SIM card that doesn't have data or airtime on it. As for me (I gave out the hosts to some Airtel users to test) these are the results that I got;

cdnjs.cloudflare.com: It opens for free

stackpath.bootstrapcdn.com: It opens for free...but kinda slow

oss.maxcdn.com: It didn't open (but can also be made to work for free net)

cdn.jsdeliver.net: It didn't open (It isn't needed here anyway)

I believe by now you should have gotten those that are connecting for free. And by connecting, I mean Internet access. Don't expect to always see some fancy website. Sometimes, you might get a "DNS resolution error" or an "Error 1001" in return (which is still good). I got the below.

At this point, some of these CDN hosts can be exploited by your tunneling app(s) to give you free unlimited Internet access. However, some of the hosts might prove a bit difficult to connect which leads us to the next step.

CDN Host Query:

We are going to query those free CDN hosts for more information. Follow the procedures below.

1. Go to Securitytrails and then paste your CDN host in the space provided and then click on the arrows icon. For me, I will be using cdnjs.cloudflare.com, ensure to use yours.

2. From the result, go to your A records, copy down the IP address and then click on them for a reverse IP domain check.

3. Once they open. You can manually check the hosts for the ones that connect for free.                       

I checked a few and found the following hosts to work for free: 3cyber.com, eshop.secom.tw, lionfree.net, md.docs.tw, optim.bnet2.uno, cdn1.hideserver.xyz, and more. Do the same and write the working hosts down.

Important Note: 

Before you proceed to configure your free host on the tunneling app of your choice, there are a few things you should know so as to help you with your connection. 

Every ISP or carrier have their firewalls and network security configured in a different way. On some networks, the connection is restricted to hostnames only and so whenever you use an IP address on your tunneling app, the connection will bounce and won't connect. The only way for it to work is to use the free host.

The same applies when your ISP has a restricted connection to IP addresses only, hostnames won't work unless when the IP address is used. To avoid such issues, always try them both when one fails to connect. 

How To Configure CDN Host To Give Free Unlimited Internet Access

Once you've got your working hosts or SNI hostnames, you can apply different methods to make it work. One of the best tunneling apps at the moment now is the Ha Tunnel Plus VPN app. 

I will depict how to connect the Ha Tunnel Plus VPN using the CDN host(s) that I've gotten. Then we will also look at how to tunnel these CDN hostnames via SSH and V2Ray. 

How To Tunnel CDN SNI Hostnames On Ha Tunnel Plus
In this Ha Tunnel Plus VPN section, I won't be using the www.covid19.ncdc.gov.ng host. Instead, I will be using the CDN host which is cdnjs.cloudflare.com and then cdn1.hideserver.xyz which I found using the reverse IP domain check.

Watch the video below to see how we applied the CDN hosts in the Ha Tunnel Plus app. Meanwhile, we have a detailed tutorial that will guide you on how to create a working Ha Tunnel Plus file for free Internet access using different procedures. 

Now that you've watched the video, you can as well check out our Ha Tunnel Plus config file download for all networks.

How To Get Free Internet Access Using V2Ray CDN WebSocket:

Last month, we discussed how to get free unlimited Internet access using CDN WebSocket. I explained the advantages and why it's better than the regular method used for free Internet tricks. 

Your regular method of surfing for free Internet does encounter blocks and all kinds of issues from time to time. I mean, your ISP or network provider knows all those methods. To aid in bypassing captive portals, firewalls and DPI's (Deep Packet Inspection), etc, CDN WebScoket was introduced specifically for this purpose.

This method is new and not many understand it. When using V2Ray over CDN WebSocket, V2Ray helps to create communication over a WebSocket stream and at the same time will hide the server behind a content distribution network and a webserver. 

Now, at your Internet service provider's firewall or DPI's end, your free Internet trick connection won't be blocked because the requests are coming from a whitelisted host, which in turn, is your free CDN host.

By the way, this method works better than that of Ha Tunnel Plus we used above. Follow the procedures shown here on how to set up a working V2Ray CDN WebSocket trick. 

How To Get Free Internet Access Using SSH CDN WebSocket:

This method is similar to that of V2Ray CDN WebSocket. The difference is that this uses SSH while the other uses V2Ray. 

When creating an account, it doesn't matter if it's SSH WebSocket, SSH CDN, or SSH Over WebSocket CDN Cloudflare.

Apps that can be used for this trick include HTTP Injector, KPN Tunnel, Wireguard, One VPN, eProxy, xSocks Injector, etc. Click here to download the app.

You can create accounts on sites such as the ones shown below:

1. SSHocean

2. AkunSSH

3. FastSSH

4. LionSSH

5. SSHstore

6. VPNhack

7. HideSSH and  more

How To Use One Free Internet Trick Configuration For Different Countries:

Finally, we are here. When discussing content domain networks, I explained how many companies today use CDN networks to serve Internet traffic around the world. That is,  more than half of the web traffic served every day are via CDN network providers.

For example, more than half of Fortune Global 500 companies use the Akamai CDN service. As of a year ago, Akamai content delivery networks were hosting over 20% of all web traffic in the world! Do you know what that means? In other words, this simply means there is a 20% possibility that your network and those in other countries are using Akamai's CDN services.

Cloudflare CDN too is another guy serving many companies out there. Cloudflare boasts that they serve more web traffic than Twitter, Amazon, Apple, Instagram, Bing, and Wikipedia combined! Can you imagine that! Again, this simply means that there is a very high possibility that your network provider and those in other countries might be using the same content delivery network company.

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Again, that is to say, that if two networks are using the same CDN network, there is also a high chance that the CDN hosts will all be whitelisted! I know some might not agree with this, and so I had to put it into practice.

I messaged several of my readers on Telegram and sent them two IP addresses to test and see if they can access them for free. These are the two CDN hosts; cdn-af.feednews.com.cdn.cloudflare.net and cdnjs.cloudflare.com

The two CDN hosts open for free on MTN Uganda, MTN Nigeria, MTN Ghana, Orange Botswana, Safaricom Kenya (Opens but not proper), and Zamtel Zambia. The cdnjs.cloudflare.com responds more. 

Below is an example of the result you get for cdn-af.feednews.com.cdn.cloudflare.net when you type it on your Chrome or Firefox browser on any of the above networks.

And this goes for cdnjs.cloudflare.com.

Wait a minute! I can hear some murmuring that this works only on African networks. Nah, this applies to networks all around the world. For example, this same scenario is the same with Myanmar networks, Thailand, and many others. The same goes for networks in Europe, North and South America.

The reason why I mentioned a few is that whenever I ask on my Telegram channel for users to message me, I do get messages in droves and won't be able to attend to them all. 

Mind you, I used CDN hosts from Cloudflare and not those on the Akamai CDN service. Imagine the networks I would have discovered! This simply means an MTN trick for Ghana can as well work on the Orange Botswana network.

Important Note:

I appreciate you reading this article and I welcome any question that you will have at the end of it. Please share the tutorial on your various social platforms and join us on our Facebook Page, YouTube channel here, and our Telegram Channel for more tutorials like this 

Also, I'm kindly asking those that will re-publish this tutorial somewhere on the web to please leave a link referring back to this post. The same goes for those that want to might make a video out of it. I appreciate your support in advance.

For our next free Internet tutorial, we will make it open for our readers to decide to what we will discuss. This will take place on our Telegram channel. Stay glued to our site and social channels for updates like this.

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