How To Tunnel For Free Internet Access Using Websocket CDN (Reverse Proxy)

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Techfoe is here with another tutorial on how to get free unlimited Internet. This post will focus on how to use CDN WebSocket to surf for free Internet access. And yes, there won't be any Reverse Proxy vs load balancer discussions as some of our readers suggested. 

The last three tutorials we wrote have focused on different ways on how to get free SNI hostnames which can be used to create free Internet configurations. While there are different ways to tunnel for free Internet access, your Internet service provider knows about these methods, and as a result, they either don't work, or they just work for some period of time and eventually get blocked.

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Just like I said in our tutorial that discussed several secret ways to find a working bug SNI host for all the networks in every country in the world, I noted that firewalls vary from region to region, and from ISP to ISP. And thus, the method of obfuscation that worked for carrier or ISP A might not work for carrier or ISP B.

The methods of obfuscation that worked very much for everyone last year might not work for everyone this year, and so the list of issues continues. Most of these methods are no longer new and your ISP knows them like the back of their palm.

However, there are a few methods of tunneling that still works. I mean, the old methods still work but using them to give results can be time-consuming, and as well requires a great amount of patience.  

To aid in bypassing captive portals, firewalls and DPI's (Deep Packet Inspection), and other related matters, CDN WebSocket was introduced. Depending on the user, you can either tunnel your free Internet via SSH over Websocket CDN or simply go with V2Ray WebSocket CDN.

The CDN WebSocket method works similar to the obfuscated servers as seen in Psiphon, or domain fronting that takes advantage of the encryption layer to hide your free Internet traffic which fools your ISP into thinking it is communicating with a whitelisted or free host (or whatever you prefer to call it).

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SSH tunneling is good which most of you know how to go about it. Instead, we will focus on the less known V2Ray method which is also one of the most reliable ways to tunnel for free Internet access.

Note: This post is for EDUCATIONAL purposes only! You are responsible for your action and usage of it. Techfoe only drops such to alert ISPs of their vulnerabilities so that they can fix them. 

How V2Ray WebSocket CDN Works

So how does this V2Ray guy works anyway? Well, V2Ray aid to create communication over a WebSocket stream and as well, hides the server behind a content distribution network (CDN) and a web server. On your ISP's firewall or DPI's end, they won't block your free Internet access because it looks legit and of course, is also coming from a legit host which happens to also be your free bug SNI hostname. This method goes a bit further to get the job done.

Talking about free bug SNI hostnames, we also have another post that shows all the free SNI hostnames that people are using for free Internet trick access. A few minutes on the post and it won't take you long to stumble upon the host(s) people in your country are using for free Internet.

Just before we proceed with the procedures on how to use V2Ray WebSocket CDN for free Internet access, we also have some other interesting posts that will help you in getting free Internet access. They include secrets on how to get free Internet access on Ha Tunnel Plus, sniffing packets for bug hosts, and as well ready-made Ha Tunnel Plus config files for all countries.

How To Get Free Internet Using V2Ray WebSocket CDN

I believe by now you should have gotten your host which you will use for free Internet trick. If you haven't, click here to learn how to go about it. 

1. click here to download NapsternetV VPN or any V2Ray VPN app of your choice.

2. Install the app and then exit

3. Now visit and then click on Weekly Servers

 From there, select the V2Ray Server as shown below

5. Now fill in the empty spaces as shown below;

  • Server Address: This contains the server and can't be changed
  • Server Location: This shows the server location and also can't be changed
  • Username: This is where you write your username. The username could be your name or any simple name. I used Pappi1 as my username
  • Password: Here you put any simple password of your choice. It should be at least 4 digits. I used 12345 as my password
  • SNI/Bug Host: Type in your SNI host here. As for me, I used

6. Click on I'm not a robot, verify and then click on Create to create your account.

7. Now that your configuration has been created, copy as shown above and then go to your NapsternetV app.

8. From within your NapsternetV app, click on the + icon located at the top right side of the app 

9. Click on "import config from Clipboard" to import the configuration

10. The configuration must have been imported now. Now click on the edit/pen icon as seen below

11. There are a few things you need to know before you proceed. In your injection, you can set your SNI/Bug Host as a "Request Host", "SNI" or even as an"Address". The three works though, but I will advise you to try the second if the first and third don't work for you.

A. To use Request Host for your injection, edit as written below:

Address: Copy and paste the Server Address here. Mine is

Request Host: Copy and paste your SNI hostname here. Mine is

SNI: Copy and paste the Server Address here. Mine is


B. To use Address for your injection, edit as written below:

Address: Copy and paste your SNI hostname here. Mine is

Request Host: Copy and paste the Server Address here. Mine is

SNI: Copy and paste the Server Address here. Mine is

12. Now that you are done, click on the icon as seen below.

13. Tap on the configuration file and then connect. 

14. Check the connection as seen below.

With the above done, you are ready to surf for free unlimited Internet access using your own. Just as I stated before, this method is still new and not known on many networks which should give you an added advantage when tunneling for free internet access. But then, we have a post that contains zero-rated free hosts in their thousands which you can use as an SNi host for free Internet access.

Also, you can use HTTP Injector or other tunneling apps for this V2Ray WebSocket CDN connection. The NapsternetV app is a good tunneling app but it's got a lot of bugs and can be very frustrating at times. Don't mind my use of it, simply go with the app that works best for you.

In our next tutorial, I will expose a new method...... a much less known method that you never expected will be used to get free working SNI hosts. Mind you, this is a universal method that works for all networks. Funny enough, a single configuration file for network or carrier A might work for network or carrier B, C, D, E, F, and more. 

For example, with this method, a configuration file that worked for Safaricom in Kenya will work for Telenor Myanmar, Digicel Jamaica, CellC South Africa, and many other networks. That's the good thing with our next tutorial. You will try and see it for yourself.

For now, kindly drop your views and thoughts regarding this tutorial in the comment section below. 

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