Ha Tunnel Plus Free Internet Trick Files For All Countries

Update: Configurations updated as of 02 September 2021

Some days ago, I made a tutorial on how to configure the Ha Tunnel Plus app to access free unlimited Internet. While the tutorial provided a lot of insight on how to go about your free Internet configuration stuff, we will be dishing out Ha Tunnel Plus configuration files for free download for all countries.

This post contains many free net trick files for networks in Jamaica, Kenya, Myanmar, South Africa, Nigeria, Qatar, Uganda, Tanzania, Malaysia, Singapore, etc., just before we pounce on the files, I want to add a few things in regards to my next tutorial on how to get free Internet trick.

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This is to the Techfoe readers that complained that their tricks easily gets blocked and asked for a new method to obfuscate their connection, and as well, a better way to bypass their network restrictions and surf for free net access

Well, we will discuss a new method to use to tunnel for free Internet access ..... a method that isn't widespread and still very much new to your ISP.

After that, we will roll out many more tutorials that discuss other methods to bypass your network firewall. We will include step-by-step guides including examples to make you non-dependent when it comes to free net tricks creation.

Back to the tricks of the moment. I'm also making this post as per some Techfoe reader's request. However, it is worth noting that we didn't make some Ha Tunnel Plus .hat files shown in this post. We will indicate on any free Internet trick that we made. That is to say, we are not responsible for the files we didn't create, its errors, how it works, or its update.

However, feel free to ask us any question in regards to any Ha Tunnel Plus file that we've created or say we would create. Also, we will port some free net settings configurations to Ha Tunnel Plus and make them available to our readers too.

Meanwhile, not everyone wants to be spoon-fed. To that, we also have a new tutorial that shows different secret ways to get a working SNI hostname in which you can use for free internet tricks. This method is still new and not everyone knows about it. We used over 30 networks and listed over 50 working SNI hostnames in the post while also using videos to support it.

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We will keep updating this list for you guys. For now, follow the procedures and download as many configurations that you want. Also, let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

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1. Any SIM cards of the network mentioned with zero data and call credit
2. An Android device, iOS, or PC.
3. Your Ha Tunnel Plus VPN app (Find the link)
4. The configuration files

We have the free Internet trick configuration files under two categories; Ha Tunnel and Techfoe. The Ha Tunnel category contains files sourced from HA Tunnel admin, while Techfoe's are those we made. However, ensure to check for your country's free Internet trick files under "Ha Tunnel" and "Techfoe" because they might appear twice. An example of tricks appearing is that of South Africa users, Nigeria, Myanmar, and many others.

Also, check the updated date on which the files were made available to know if they are recent or not.

Ha Tunnel free internet trick configuration .hat files for all countries

Note: Configurations updated as of 02 September 2021

Ha Tunnel Category:

Free Internet Jamaica

Free Internet Saudi Arabia
Free Internet Papua New Guinua

Free Internet Qatar

Free Internet El Salvador

Free Internet Vietnam

Free Internet Uzbekistan

Free Internet Malaysia

Free Internet Colombia

Giffgaff International file download. Update 20 Aug 2021

Free Internet Uganda

Free Internet Singapore

Free Internet South Africa

Free Internet Tanzania

Free Internet Trick Brazil 

Free Internet Malaysia

Free Internet Nigeria

Free Internet Guatemala

Free Internet Colombia

More files coming ......................

Techfoe Category

Free Internet Trick Pakistan

Please read here for instructions before downloading the files!!

Free Internet Trick Nigeria

Please click here to read for instructions before downloading the files!!

Free Internet Trick Cuba

Click here to read more on how to use the Cuba trick

    Free Internet Trick Myanmar

    Click here to read more on how to use the Mytel trick

      Click here to read more on how to use the Mectel trick

        Free Internet Trick Uganda

        Kindly refer here to download the four free Internet trick configuration files below
        • MTN file download 1. Updated 02 September 2021
        • MTN file download 2. Updated 02 September 2021
        • MTN file download 3. Updated 02 September 2021
        • MTN file download 4. Updated 02 September 2021
        Free Internet Trick Oman

        Please read here for instructions before downloading the files!!

        Free Internet Trick Egypt

        Please click here to read for instructions before downloading the files!!

        Free Internet Trick Turkey

        Please read here for instructions before downloading the files!!

        Free Internet Guyana

        Click here to read about how to use

        Free Internet Trick Singapore

        Click here to read about how to use

          Free Internet Trick South Africa

          Click here to read about how to use

            Free Internet Trick Barbados
            Free Internet Trick Antigua

            Click here to read about how to use

              Free Internet Trick Guinea
              Free Internet Trick Mali
              Free Internet Trick Portugal 

              Click here to read about how to use

                Free Internet Pakistan

                Free Internet Kenya

                • Safaricom file download (coming soon)

                Free Internet Myanmar

                • Ooredoo file download (coming soon)

                Free Internet Uganda

                • Airtel  file download (coming soon)

                And more coming soon

                Beta Configurations

                Beta configurations are on the way coming.......

                Note: This post is for EDUCATIONAL purposes only! You are responsible for your action and usage of it. Techfoe only drops such to alert ISPs of their vulnerabilities.


                1. It actually not working
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                  1. Thanks man. Those tricks were made by Ha Tunnel Plus admins so i can't say much about it. Just stick around for ours.

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                2. Whats the password for Telkom

                3. Pappi, nice work you re doing.. finding hosts are pretty hard..can u do a post on best apps stop sniff payload from other apps, and also some app detects a sniffing app like Netcaputer and package capture won't.mosttimes I may need to uninstall the app b4 vpn will connect.. pls do a post on how to sniff payload and it's it's possible how to use payload sniffing apps will connected to the vpn..2 vpn working together

                  1. I feel you man. But it won't sit well with most of the readers if i make any post that recommend sniffing apps that can go undetected.

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                  1. Sure, i will roll out update in the next post

                9. Pappi thanks for the nice work
                  Could you help us with vodacom Tanzania and Zantel as well

                10. Thank you guys am Uganda but you have saved my money for data God bless you

                11. Myanmar ooredoo plz
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                12. What if the SIM has data and call credits?

                13. For Ethiopian(Ethiotel) Pls, pls pls, pls pls

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                17. Comment on fait pour créer sa propre configuration ?

                18. Can you please help me with Yemen hatunnel configuration file , for mobile networks both CDMA and GSM .

                  ISP only one named Yemen net

                  Please send it to me via email


                19. All the file for Guyana expire

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