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Every day people from different countries keep mailing me, asking me to help them out with network penetration on how to create configurations that would enable them to browse for free without spending a dime. Creating the configurations is not the problem; the problem comes in when those demanding for the configuration don’t understand simple terms like a proxy, tunnelers, port, and the rest of them.

 Most of the time it’s easier sending the person the required tools to create those configurations themselves, but when the person has little or no knowledge about these “free internet trick terms,” it then becomes difficult to help them out.

 Today I decided to create this post to explain the basic and popular terms that are related or have anything to do with creating or testing for free internet tricks on your network. If you want to learn or help your Internet Service Providers to check for loopholes on their network, then I think this post would definitely be of help to you – at least, help you to know the basic terms. There are other tutorials that I made that would put you through on how to easily create free internet configurations that would grant you free internet access. Click here to access one of my tutorials on how to access free internet on any ISP in the world.

It is important for you to know that the terms listed in this post aren’t everything; these are the ones that came into my head while writing this post. Subsequently, I will add others to the list.

Note: This post is for educational purposes only. Techfoe only makes such posts to alert ISPs of their vulnerabilities. Application or use of this tutorial means that you are O.Y.O (On Your Own).

Free Internet Trick:
Free internet trick refers to any configuration or settings that you apply on a device to access free internet without having to pay or subscribe from your Internet service provider (ISP). Click here to visit a list of free internet tricks.

Free Internet Tweaks:
Some people do mistake this with a free internet trick. Free internet tweak refers to any trick that requires “modification” for it to work. Some free internet tweaks are absolutely free while others require a subscription pack for it to work. Examples of tweaks that require a subscription for it to work are Blackberry subscription, WhatsApp subscription, Facebook subscription, etc.

 Let me use the blackberry subscription and explain how this works. Blackberry subscription is meant for only blackberry devices but you can tweak or modify it to work on other devices like Android, iPhone, and your PC. What's the advantage of using a Blackberry Subscription?

 Blackberry subscriptions are far less cheap than others and at the same time, they offer unlimited internet access (most) because Blackberry compresses and uses less data. An Android device can use 1gb+ of data downloading a movie while a Blackberry device might use just 400MB or less downloading the same movie. The bad part is that an Android subscriber pays more on data than BB users. An android user might be paying $30 for 6GB of data while a BB user might just be paying $20 for unlimited internet access. Click here to visit Blackberry free internet tweaks!

ISP stands for Internet Service Providers. These are the companies that render internet service to you. Examples of such are MTN, Airtel, Vodacom, Telenor, Etisalat, Orange, Safaricom, At&T, etc

These are applications that channel our internet connection through a secret tunnel with the aim of hiding our online activities from our ISPs.

 In this post, tunnelers are used for bypassing our ISP's firewall to give you access to free internet. Powered with the right configuration, these tunnelers would easily force an injection through and then channel your activities through a private tunnel on your ISPs network so that they won’t notice your traffic and lock your connection.

 If you are thinking tunnelers then you are thinking of either VPN, SSH, or something else. VPN and SSH tunnelers work in a similar way. So what's the difference?

 There are some noticeable differences between a VPN and an SSH tunneler. Below is just a few.
  •  Speed: A VPN connection is always prone to be faster than that of SSH although it doesn’t happen all the time. Still, a VPN seems to always have an edge over SSH in terms of connection speed. But don’t get it wrong, this comparison doesn’t mean that your SSH is slow!
  • Safer State of Configurations: Your free internet configurations have bigger chances of lasting for a very long time on your SSH than your VPN.
 On a scale of 1 to 100, VPN seems to be getting over 80% attention when compared to SSH. Everybody wants to use a VPN, Everyone wants to tweak, and everyone wants to mod, even a twelve-year-old can loosely mod a VPN and add some crappy handler option to it. Most of these VPNs offer little anonymity level which easily exposes your configuration settings.

Examples of VPN tunnelers are Psiphon handler, Finch VPN, Droid VPN, Netloop, Your-Freedom etc while SSH is HTTP injector, eProxy, and the rest.

This stands for "Internet Protocol" and it is the standard that allows different devices running on different platforms to communicate with each other. Here's the lay-mans definition. An IP address could be referred to as an address attached to every computer in which they use it to communicate and identify each other. When we browse the web, our IP address reveals details about us, details like our country, device that we are using, Operating system and so many other things.

  Some people don't like exposing their details so they employ the service of a proxy or a VPN to give them anonymity.

Now  I would want you to pay attention here and not get confused. A proxy is an IP address but it is used to represent the original IP of a device or other gadgets. People use proxies for different reasons. Some use it to hide or cover their original IP address, other use it so as to be able to bypass Geo-restriction on the web and so many other reasons. There are different kinds of proxies such as anonymous proxy, Squid proxy, Transparent proxy, CGI proxy, Distorting proxy, etc

Proxy Server:
 I believed that you read what a proxy is and understands it. So now what's a proxy server?

 In this post, a proxy server is a medium through which all computers on a network have to go through so as to be able to access the internet. You use your ISP proxy server to access the internet and so your ISP can monitor you and filter what they want you to access. When you run out of data, your ISP proxy server would easily block your connection and won't let you to access the internet because it has been programmed to only allow you access to the internet when you have data.

 Well, because your ISP proxy server refuses your connection doesn't mean that you cant browse for free. These proxy servers are just programmed to block all your connections to the internet but allow you to access certain websites like the free pages that i mentioned above. You have two ways to access the internet either by bypassing your ISP firewall or getting another proxy server that would allow you to have unlimited access to the internet for free!

 There are so many ways to get a working proxy server that would easily grant you free internet access on your ISP's network. It's important you know that these proxy servers are not just common to come across. Click here to read the post on how to get free proxy servers that would grant you free internet access on your ISP network.

 A port is a medium or portal in which information is sent to and fro between your computer and other networks. We need ports to browse the web and so we can also use open ports on our ISP network to browse for free. Let's take a house as an example. To get access into a house, we would need the doors or windows, and so when the owner of the house shut the doors and the windows, we won't be able to access the house unless we look for another door or window that is open and so is a port. The house in this scenario is the internet while the doors and windows are the ports. Once your Internet Service Provider (ISP) closes them, you won't be able to access the internet. 

 Your ISP can never close all the ports on your network and so you can search for hidden ports that are open and use them to access free internet. Some people depend solely on open ports like UDP and TCP to create configurations for free internet access. Below are a few that I would talk about.
  •  UDP Port: They are very fast and if they are open on a network, they can be browsed on directly for free i.e you can scan for open ports on your network and if there's is any, you can use them to browse for free. Examples of such ports are 53, 9201, 9200, etc
  • TCP Port: They are fast but not up to UDP. Now TCP ports shouldn't be seen as ineffective because of their comparison with UDP ports. In my other posts, i gave this formula for accessing free internet; Host + open ports + working proxy = Free internet!
Ping simply means making a query or request on a network to determine whether there is a connection. The aim of pinging is to be sure that you can establish a connection between you and your destination. There are so many ways that pinging a request on your ISP network can contribute immensely to you getting free internet, i will drop a tutorial to guide you guys on that soon.

Data Packets:
Data packets or packets refers to the amount computer of data that is sent over a network. Data sent could be either on the internet or any other packet-switched network.

 What do you think about the above list? Kindly comment with anything that you think is missing. 

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