How to make a Blackberry data subscription work on any device

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 This post is the continuation of the post i made on How to get free browsing data and call credit on any ISP in the world using IMEI tweaks.

 In this post, i will show you guys how to modify your device and make a Blackberry subscription work on it.

 Your ISP has different packages of data bundle subscription in which you can use on your modem, Android, iOS, PC and the rest. I believe you might have noticed that your ISP has a separate data subscription for Blackberry users. Please don't be confuse because when i say Blackberry users, i'm referring to those Blackberry subscription that are meant for Blackberry phones running on pure Blackberry OS like the Bold series, Touch series etc and not the likes of Z10, Q10, Dtek Prive etc. Click here to read some free internet terms that would be helpful during the course of this post.

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When looking at a Blackberry subscription and other subscriptions, you will notice a difference in the data allocated and the price. The Blackberry user wins in both the price and amount of data given.

You who is an Android, PC or iOS user might be paying $20 for 3gb of browsing data on your monthly sub while a blackberry user might be paying less and be getting unlimited internet access. That's the difference between the two. Others pay more money for less data while blackberry users pay less to get more. One major reasons while BB users pay less and get unlimited internet access (or more data) is because blackberry reduces the size of your packet data by compressing what ever information that you are browsing or downloading into fewer bits than the original data packet. Other OS don't do these.

An Android user might go online and download a movie of 1.2gb but might end up using over 1.3gb+ while a PC user might end up even more. But a Blackberry user might who wants to download that same movie, same quality, from the same site would end up using far less amount of data.

Note: Most ISP's these days don't offer unlimited internet access to BB devices but allocate data which is either big or cheaper than other those on other OS platform. Know that a blackberry subscription doesn't work on other OS platforms but that of Blackberry alone.

To enjoy the benefits that Blackberry users get, you will have to tweak your device and make your ISP think that you are a Blackberry user. I will discuss some simple methods that you can use in making a Blackberry subscription work on a non-Blackberry device. 

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Note: Know that the methods below are to be used individually. When method 1 doesn't work, you will have to try the next method. When you want to try out these methods, subscribe for the daily BB sub and use it to test what ever you want. FYI, all these methods are working, i have tried them all on different ISP's in different countries and they all work.

 Methods to make a Blackberry subscription work on a non-Blackberry device:
1. APN change
2. Tunneler configuration
3. IMEI change
4. IMEI + APN change
5. APN change + Tunneler configuration
6. IMEI + APN change + Tunneler configuration

1. APN change:
 Changing your APN is the first thing that you do when you want any Blackberry subscription to work on a non-Blackberry device. First you subscribe to a Blackberry package and then change the APN of your Access Point and then then connect to the internet and start enjoying the subscription. Examples of APN that you can use are;, etc. You might have to reboot your phone for the effect to take place.

2. Tunneler configuration:
  You can configure your tunneler to make a Blackberry subscription work on your non-Blackberry device. This is quite quite simple though, all that you need is the Blackberry servers to make it work!

3. IMEI change:
This method involves you to tweak the IMEI of your MTK device to that of a Blackberry device. When you are done, reboot your device and then connect to the internet and browse using the Blackberry subscription. You can click here to read everything i wrote about IMEI tweaking.

4. IMEI + APN change:
 This part involves you tweaking the IMEI of your device to that of a Blackberry device and also changing the APN of your device at the same time for it to work.

5. APN change + Tunneler configuration:
  In this section, you change the APN of your access point and then combine it with a configuration from any of your tunneler consisting of Blackberry server and then connect.

6. IMEI + APN change + Tunneler configuration:
 This self explanatory. You combine all three together to make it work. 

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Note: This post is for EDUCATIONAL purpose only! You are responsible for any of your actions, Techfoe only drop such to alert ISPs of their vulnerabilities. IMEI tweaking is illegal in most countries!

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