How to get free browsing data and call credit on any ISP in the world using IMEI tweaks

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 This topic is broad but I will try my best to make it precise. Today we will be discussing different ways on how to get free data, free call credit and other stuffs using IMEI tricks. Before proceeding, I will advise those who are new to click here to read and understand some terms that I will be using during the course of this post.

What is IMEI?
IMEI which stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity is a unique 15 digits code that every mobile phone, modem, router etc has. This 15-digit serial number can be used to check information such as the phone's country of origin, the manufacturer and the model number.
How to get free Data and Call credit using IMEI
There are different ways to get free data using IMEI codes and even accumulate the free data up to hundreds of gigabytes. Some might even use the Spam method to get up to a terabyte of free browsing data. In this post, I will stick with just three methods which we will discuss. 

Note: Any ISP that discovers that they are vulnerable to all the listed method on this post can contact me to give them a tip to fix it.  

Methods to get free Data and call credit:

1. Promotional offers
2. Discounts 
3. Tweaks.
1. Promotional Offers:
This is the most popular way to get free data. Your ISP once in a while does a promotional offer in which they offer some gadgets or devices that comes with free data, only for those who purchases them. These offers could be on an Android device, iPhone, Windows, router, Modems or some other gadget. An example of such promotional offer from your ISP could be this, Buy the Samsung Galaxy S8 from any of our retail outlets and get free 10gb of data for the next 6 months!

Note:  This promotional offer might not be for data alone. Your ISP might also be offering a premium subscription on maybe Netflix, Hulu etc to those who purchases one of their promo devices. They might also offer free calling credits too.

 These promotional offers could be on any of the devices or gadgets that I mentioned above and not necessarily an Android or Samsung device. Like some few weeks back, those in Zambia were getting free 20gb+ worth of data on a particular network using this same promotional offer method which i didn’t post but kept it underground.

 There are different promotional offers that can get you this free data, but first I will have to explain to you how this trick works – I mean how this trick your ISP in to give you free data.

  Let’s use the above picture in this scenario. Etisalat is running a promotional offer in which if you purchase the LG G4, you will be given free 10gb worth of browsing data and also you will receive 300 Flexi minutes or 1000 local minutes to make calls. You as a tweaker wants the free 10gb of data and 300 flexi minutes but at the same time don’t want to buy the LG G4 due to your own reasons. This is how it works.

 First you get the IMEI number of the of the LG G4 which is the promotional device offering the free 10gb data (I have different tips below on how to help you get the IMEI number). Next you have to tweak the IMEI number to your Android device (MTK), reboot your device so that the IMEI of your android device will change to the one that you tweaked.

Next you will send the command in an SMS format or dial the code that your ISP demands before giving you the free data. Now your ISP will recognize the IMEI of the LG G4 and think that your device is the LG G4 and then give you the data for free! In most case, you can even double the data that your ISP has given to you by repeating the process or use the spam method to triple your data. Here are some examples; MTN 200gb IMEI tweak, Airtel 400gb IMEI tweak
For you to be able to get this free data as i just explained, you will need the following;

 a. Your Sim card
 b. The device IMEI Number
 c. A Mediatek android device (MTK)
 d. IMEI changer app
 e. The Command
 f.  Simple Procedures

a. Your Simcard: You must have the same Sim card of the ISP that is offering that promotional offer. A promotional offer that is working on Airtel won’t work on Vodacom. A Vodacom promotional offer only works on Vodacom sim and same applies to other ISP Sim cards too.
b. The device IMEI Number: This is the IMEI of the device that your ISP is offering free data on, and to benefit from it you must get IMEI of that device.  You can dial *#06# on the device that you want the IMEI digits and then copy the whole 15 digits. For some, they might still find it difficult laying their hands on the device that offers has the free data. The only way to get around this is to go on a “window shopping’ to the store that has the device and then stylishly cram at least 8 digits. You can get the IMEI digits by checking the phone pack or you can turn the phone and check for the IMEI at the back, or open the back cover to reveal the IMEI number.

c. A Mediatek android device (MTK): When I say MTK I’m referring to a Mediatek android device. You need an android device with a Mediatek processor to get the job done for you. Other android device that runs on Qualcomm, Intel, Spreadtrum etc can also get it done for you but a Mediatek android device is very easy to tweak. Examples of a mediatek device are Tecno, Lenovo, Injoo, Itel, Infinix etc most of these Chinese device uses Mediatek processors. You can go the settings of your device and confirm if it’s a Mediatek device or not.

Note: You only need the Mediatek device to tweak the IMEI and get the free data. Once you are done getting what you want, you can use the sim that has the data in another device – maybe an iPhone, a modem etc.

e. IMEI changer app: This is the app that you will use to change the IMEI of your MTK device to that of the Promotional device.

f. The Command: This is the text message or code that you send to your ISP to get the free data. The message could be “3gb” in an sms format to 3324 or maybe “mifi” to 4201. Others might ask you to text the IMEI number instead. Some ISP might just ask you to visit a particular website to redeem your free data. Every ISP have their own ways in which their users redeem the data, though the sms and the other methods are the most common.

g. Simple Procedures: Now that you have all the above mentioned, the next step is the simple procedure that you will need in acquiring the free data. To reduce the length of this post, i had to publish the procedures in another page. Click here to read and follow the procedures and also remember to return and read the remaining part of this post!

 2. Discount Method:

 The second part of this tutorial is the discount part. Just as we discussed in the promotional offer method, this one gives you something similar but at a discount.

There are some gadgets or devices that your ISP offer for sale that comes packed with some discount bundles attached. This discount bundle could be on data, Calls or maybe premium subscription  etc. Lets say that your ISP is running such discount offer for call credit and eventually you bought one of those device that runs the offer. Each time you load your simcard with call credit, you might maybe get 200%, 100%, 70% (depending on what your ISP is offering)

Also Read: MTN Zambia XP Psiphon free Unlimited Internet Tweak and CellC update

 If you look below, you will see an example of such in the screenshot below. The screenshot shows the network to be offering double the amount of data for a whole year to those who buy the Samsung S8.

This discount offer could be on anything but the message that i'm trying to convey here is that you can get great discount on different offers by simply tweaking your phone with the IMEI of that the device that the discount is being offered. You don't need to spend money buying the device or gadgets to benefit.

 The process of tweaking IMEI to get those discounts on your simcard still remains the same as i mentioned in the promotional offer. An example of this discount offer is the MTN 120k free call credit click here to read.

3. Tweak Method:
 The procedures for this tweak method will be posted in another page. The link to this post will be dropped here once its ready!.

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Note: This post is for EDUCATIONAL purpose only! You are responsible for any of your actions, Techfoe only drop such to alert ISPs of their vulnerabilities. IMEI tweaking is illegal in most countries!

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    1. You can still change your IMEI still but it will involve some cumbersome process

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