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Some people call it free internet tricks, free net while others call it the free browsing trick (FBT) but no matter what name that we all call it, we still are all referring to the same thing.

 For those who might still want to know what is “free internet trick,” Free internet tricks refers to those settings that you apply on your ISP (Internet Service Provider) network with (or without) the help of a tunneler to get free access to the internet without spending a dime on data etc. You can click here to read all the terms that are related in getting free internet.

What are Tunnelers:
A tunneler could be a  VPN (Virtual Private Network) or SSH (Secure Shell) that uses our injection (configuration) to bypass our ISP firewall and then tunnel our connection using the available mode to hide our traffic such as browsing, heavy downloads and other online activities. Here are the free internet results we got while using these tunnelers, you can click on any of them for more insight. Indian Airtel trick, Kenyan Safaricom and Airtel trick, South Africa Vodacom CellC andMTN trick, Zambia Vodafone trickNigeria Etisalat, Airtel and MTN trick, Philippine and so many others.

Note that there’s a difference between “free internet trick” and “free internet tweak”.
 You do not pay or subscribe for anything to be able to browse or download using free internet settings, it’s all free. On the other hand, free internet tweak requires “modification” for it to work. Free internet tweaks are in two forms; paid and free. One requires a subscription to work while the other doesn’t. An example of a free internet tweak that has to do with a subscription is the blackberry subscription. This sub is meant for BlackBerry devices alone but instead, you tweak (modify) it to work on Android devices, PC, or iOS devices to give you free (unlimited) internet access.

 Imagine you paying $20 for just 3GB of data while those on BlackBerry pay just $8 but yet get free internet access without any data cap and then you managed to tweak it to work on Android devices and PC but yet still you are complaining that it’s not free? Left to me I would say that your case has gone spiritual. You can click here to understand what this tweak is all about.

 A good example of a free internet tweak that doesn’t require a subscription is the IMEI tweak to get free internet. I won’t go into details explaining that now but you can click on any of these tricks to get an idea. Airtel Kenya 400GB tweak, Airtel India 10GB tweak, MTN200GB tweak,  etc  you can also DDoS your ISP to access free internet (All these would be discussed in my part3 tutorial on how to access free internet in any part of the world on any ISP)

Note: This post is for educational purposes only. Techfoe only makes such posts to alert ISPs of their vulnerabilities. Application or use of this post means that you are O.Y.O (On Your Own)

 Below is a compiled list of tunnelers that gives free internet access but at the same time, I won’t be mentioning those tunnelers that are a pirate copy to the original. These tunnelers I mentioned below are few due to the lengthiness of the post. Tunnelers here works on Android, Microsoft, Java, Mac, Symbian, and iOS. Click here to join our Telegram channel for all the latest free internet tricks and tutorials.


This tunneler comes from the popular Psiphon family but different from the Psiphon handlers. This tunneler has the features of 3 great tunnelers namely Finch VPN, HTTP injector and Psiphon handler all combined in one app to easily bypass your ISP firewall.

Price: Free but accepts donation

Servers and Usage: All Servers are free with unlimited usage

OS: Android, iOS and Windows (with the help of an Emulator)

Con: Older versions of the app drains battery very fast

Advice: This tunneler is user friendly and a “must-have app” for newbies and geeks who are into network penetration.

Download:  Link click here


 Formerly known as Simple Server, Netloop is one of the strongest tunnelers out there but yet the most underrated because it’s not user-friendly. Geeks stick to Netloop because it has multiple tunneling features squeezed in one tunneler which is = “Free Internet all year!”

Price: Tunneling option is free while the VPN feature is paid (we don’t need this paid feature)

Servers and Usage: Free unlimited Server usage

OS: Android, iOS and windows (with the help of an emulator)

Con: Sometimes Netloop doesn’t connect immediately; it takes some time to accelerate which might make the user think that the configuration isn’t right.

Advice: Netloop is a “must-have app” for both geeks and Noobs but the newbies are advised to study it very and not give up on the first try.

Download: Android download here

Droid VPN:

Droid VPN is no new name to those that have been using free internet. It has different options and even works more for those whose tricks are based upon open ports. The VPN sometimes gives user’s free internet access without any configuration when there’s a UDP port open on your network.

Price: Free (100MB), Paid (Unlimited)

Servers and Usage: Free (limited Servers), Paid(Unlimited Servers)

OS: Android, iOS and windows (with the help of an emulator)

Con: The step back with this VPN is the daily limit

Advice:  100MB daily limit or not Droid VPN is “a must-have” for everyone because it’s a great learning app that would help you to understand a lot. You can easily create settings on it this app and test it, when it works you can then port the settings to other VPNs.


Another XP guy again. XP VPN has packed within itself the features http Injector, Psiphon and it also supports open VPN configurations. This tunneler is direct and easy to give the user free internet access.
Price: Free

Servers and Usage: Free and unlimited
OS: Android, iOS and windows (with the help of an emulator)

Con: Updates to the app is rare

Advice:  This rated “general” because both newbies and pros can easily get it working without stress.

Download:  Android download here

Finch VPN:

  Once known as the “mighty Finch”, finch VPN is a tunneler that has been providing a lot of users free internet access when configured right. Its support of multiple UDP and HTTP ports made it most people’s choice and its nice technique even made other tunnelers borrow some features from finch.

Price: Free (3GB Monthly data cap), Paid (unlimited data usage)

Servers and Usage: Limited Servers (Free), unlimited servers (Paid)

OS: Android and windows

Con: 3GB data limit and it’s not less-user friendly

Advice:  Finch VPN is a great app but due to its limitations and alternatives, the app is a “must-see app” and not a “must-have app”.

Http Injector:

This tunneler is the boss to most tunnelers out there. Free internet tricks that are created using HTTP injector last long because HTTP injector encrypts your connection better than most tunnelers. You can click here to read the tutorial on how to configure the HTTP injector for free internet access.

Price: Free

Servers and Usage: Free and unlimited

OS: Android and windows (with the help of an emulator)

Con: You have to keep updating your free account either on a daily basis, 3-days period, weekly or monthly basis.

Advice: HTTP injector is a must-have app only if you want your free internet configuration settings to last long.

Download:  Android download here

Psiphon Handler:

The Psiphon handler is a very popular tunneling tool used by so many people. It has different configuration options to help the user access free internet. As of recent, some people began to adulterate different versions from the original due to its popularity.  Psiphon has different handlers bearing the Psiphon name such as Psiphon handler Pro, Psiphon A+, Psiphon Black, etc.

Price: Free

Servers and Usage: Free and unlimited

OS: Android and windows (with the help of an emulator)

Con: So many replicas out there

Advice:  You will have to decide for yourself

Download: Android download here, PC download here

Slow DNS:
 This app is very popular and has been around over the years. Slow DNS is not difficult to configure and at the same time has a 70% chance of giving its users free internet on any ISP because of its use of the DNS protocol.

Price: Free (Daily 25MB limit), Paid (unlimited usage)

Servers and Usage: Free and unlimited

OS: Android and windows (with the help of an emulator)

Con: Due to the DNS protocol, the connection speed is slow

Advice:  Slow DNS is a must-have app because it comes handy when there is no other alternative to access free internet.


This app is the second most popular tunneler on this list because when it comes to free internet, Your-freedom knows no border.  Equipped with protocols such as HTTPS, DNS, UDP, ICMP, ICMP ECHO, HTTP/POST/CGI, your-freedom can easily bypass any ISP firewall without having the user undergo the stress of configuring it. Your-freedom was the app that got me intrigued by free internet-related topics.* HTTP

Price: Free & paid

Servers and Usage: limited servers & speed (free), unlimited servers & speed (paid)

OS: Android and windows

Con: Free usage is too short and some protocols on the app are slow due to its routing

Advice:  This app has been around for a long time so it will be strange for you to say that you need advice for it.

UCweb and Opera Mini handler:

This is not supposed to be on the list but for those on the Java and Symbian platform, I will have to include it.

Those who have been doing this free internet stuff during the Java and Symbian era would definitely know what I’m talking about. There are several handlers out there but the Opera-mini and UC Web handler is the most popular of them all.

 The Opera-mini and UC Web handlers can be configured to give you free internet access but at the same time, these handlers don’t offer VPN encryption and protection. The absence of a VPN mode on these handlers made it very easy for ISP’s to block free internet tricks until people learned how to integrate CGI proxies into their configurations.

Price: Free

Servers and Usage: Unlimited usage

OS: Android, Java, PC, and Symbian 

Con: Tricks can be easily blocked because it lacks VPN mode

Advice:  Though the glory days of these apps have passed, they are still relevant when it comes to free internet kinds of stuff. Most people are still using them on their OS as mentioned.

Tweakware VPN:

 Tweakware VPN is a tunneler that is quite good at bypassing ISP firewall. The purpose of most tunnelers out there is to bypass ISP firewalls and gain free internet but what distinguishes Tweakware VPN from others is the time used in creating connections.
  With Tweakware VPN, it’s easy to identify a working configuration. As of late, People have begun to adulterate the app.

Price: Free & paid

Servers and Usage: limited servers have a 100MB daily limit (free), unlimited servers & speed (paid)

OS: Android, MAC and windows 

Con: Adulterated versions and daily limit


Download: Download all versions here 


eProxy is an app developed by the ePro dev team for the purpose of accessing blocked contents by your ISP. This app sends data requests through a proxy and with the help of its SSH or VPN features, it easily bypasses your ISP firewall for you to access free internet.
Price: Free
Servers and Usage: Free and unlimited servers

OS: Android 

Con: Force stop

Advice: If you love SSH then eProxy would be your buddy. I always have difficulty choosing between eProxy and HTTP injector, though eProxy is still an alternative to http injector.

Download: Android download here, PC download here (Emulator needed)

 Troid VPN is another guy from the TunnelGuru family which protects user online activities by encrypting the connection on a private network. This VPN app also supports tunneling on TCP, UDP, and ICMP give the user so many options in creating free internet configurations. This app can be configured in so many ways to get free internet, unlike other VPN tunnelers. The user-friendliness of this app makes it very popular.   
Price: Free & paid

Servers and Usage: limited servers have 100MB daily limit (free), unlimited servers & speed (paid)

OS: Android and windows (with the help of an emulator)

Con: 100MB daily

Advice: I recommend Troid VPN despite its 100Mb limit because you can easily create a free internet working trick on it unlike other tunnelers that takes time to give you the right results.

Download: Download here


Hammer VPN which also comes from the TunnelGuru family, is like every other VPN but one of its features which is the anti-DPI capability distinguishes it from others. DPI which stands for Deep Packet Inspection is an advanced form of packet filtering which your IS or hackers can use to monitor your internet activities.

Most tunnelers don’t offer an anti-DPI feature which as a result, your ISP can easily discover your free internet trick settings and close the loopholes. Equipped with the anti-DPI feature, Hammer VPN can keep your free internet trick last longer by cloaking your traffic via a secure tunnel.

Price: Free & paid

Servers and Usage: limited servers have a 100MB daily limit (free), unlimited servers & speed (paid)

OS: Android and windows (with the help of an emulator)

Con: The 100MB daily limit

Advice: I Advise people who are concerned that their ISP might block their trick to go for Hammer VPN. Anti-DPI is a good feature but left to me, I think I have “bigger fishes to fry”.
Download: Click here to download


 This app tunnels free internet on any ISP in the world using the DNS protocol. VPN Over DNS doesn’t need configuration settings for it to access free internet on any ISP, all that is required is just the setup of the tunneling app.

As you all know, DNS is a slow form of browsing and so to speed up the connection, the VPN uses an inbuilt optimized browser that does not download images, javascript or cookies, etc.

Price: Free

Servers and Usage: unlimited usage

OS: Android and windows

Con: DNS is a slow form of browsing

Advice: VPN over DNS comes in place only when there is no other alternative.


Webtunnel VPN is an HTTP tunneling app created by TunnelGuru. This app tunnels using the GET, POST, MIME, and SSL method to either give the user free internet connection or protect the user's online activities. 

 Webtunnel requires no registration and has a simple interface with provision for proxy, Header, and ports for easy configuration.

Price: Free & Paid

Servers and Usage: Limited (100MB) usage and unlimited usage

OS: Android and PC (with the help of an emulator)

Con: The 100MB limit is a 'No"

Advice: Webtunnel "used" to be among the most wanted tunnelers out there before the emergence of other tunnelers that later toppled it. 

Download:  Download here

KPN Tunnel VPN:

KPN tunnel is a tunneling app that is used in bypassing internet censorship in any country. This app is more popular with the Asian people who use it to tunnel their connections for free internet access.

 I have used this app only a couple of times and so far it has delivered.

 Price: Free

Servers and Usage: Unlimited usage

OS: Android and Windows (with the help of an emulator)

Con: Users say that the former version of the KPN tunnel was more user-friendly and thus, prefers the old version to the new update.

Advice: You should give it a try.

Download: Android download here


If you've been using free internet for over 7 years + then you wouldn't need me to tell you about this VPN. But for those who don't know, I will drop more light on it.

  NMD VPN is free a PC tool that helps users in navigating the internet safely. This app uses proxies and dodge censorship and access the wide internet for free internet even when the user has no data.

 Supported protocols on this app are TCP, UDP, and PPT connections, the app also supports HTTP and HTTP requests!

Price: Free

Servers and Usage: Unlimited usage

OS:  Windows 

Con: It's been long, can't remember the cons

Advice: You should give it a try.

Download: PC download here

Due to the length of this post, I won't be able to write about each app and so I will just list the remaining instead. Below is the list of other tunnelers;





ZI Phreaking tools

Kindly comment with your favorite app and include anyone that you think we missed out on.

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