How To Unlock Any XP Psiphon Configuration File And Re-configure For Free Unlimited Internet Access

Pappi Hex
I posted a free unlimited Internet trick some days ago, and some users were asking me for the IP address and host contained in the configuration file ....they just needed to know how to unlock any XP Psiphon configuration file.

In today's post, I will be teaching you guys how to unlock any XP Psiphon configuration file to access the contents, though, I have taught many Techfoe readers on Telegram how to go about it. I will just have to make the post public so as to refer anyone that wants to know how it's done. 

Note: Techfoe readers using Psiphon can click here to access the in-depth tutorial on how to set it up for free unlimited Internet trick, alongside how to get free SNI hosts that can be used for free Internet access.

There are several ways to unlock XP Psiphon configurations and other tunneling apps like HTTP Injector, eProxy, KPN Tunnel, etc. The configurations of these tunnelers that I mentioned can be unlocked even when the utmost security feature is enabled to prevent the hack, though in this post I will be treating XP Psiphon alone.

I believe by creating this post, most of you will be able to unlock most of the configurations and get to see the configuration content, and get insights into how it's been made. You can click here to read some free Internet terms which will help you out on your free Internet quest.

We will be making use of an Android app called Packet Capture to aid in unlocking any XP Psiphon configuration. Note that Packet Capture in this post will unlock the XP Psiphon configuration file alone, and won't work for HTTP Injector, though there are other apps that are capable of unlocking configuration files from HTTP Injector, eProxy, etc, I won't mention any in this post because this post is meant for Packet Capture alone.

Packet Capture can be used for so many things. The last post I made explained how you could easily use Packet Capture to sniff out packets on your ISP network and use it for creating a configuration that will give you free unlimited Internet access.

The truth is if you don't have ample knowledge on how these things work. You will find it hard in creating a free Internet trick of your own, you will always be dependent on others. Lucky you, I have listed some of my tutorials that will help you out in easily getting free Internet access.

Now follow the below procedures to unlock any XP Psiphon VPN-free Internet configuration, and remember to like our Telegram channel for more free unlimited Internet tricks and tutorials.

Please note that this post and the links embedded within are for EDUCATIONAL purposes only! You are responsible for your action and usage of it. All tutorials here are meant to alert ISP's of their vulnerabilities!

    • Any Android device running 4.0+ upwards
    • Root privilege isn't necessary
    • Your XP Psiphon  app and any locked XP Psiphon configuration file(You can create any for the test if you don't have)
    • The Packet Capture app (Find the link below)
    Note: This method is still similar to the packet sniffing method post I created using packet capture. The aim of this is to capture the packets sent to and fro in your XP Psiphon app so as to reveal the configuration settings of the XP Psiphon file.

    Procedures On How To Open Any XP Psiphon Configuration:
    • Click here to download APK Capture
    • Install and then open it. 
    • Make sure that your data is on, and please ensure that the configuration is a working one!!!
    • Now open any XP Psiphon application, Import the locked XP Psiphon configuration, and then connect. To avoid issues, tunnel only using Psiphon browser and not the whole device (Make sure that the configuration connects) 
    •  Return back and then open your APK Capture app. You will see two symbols that look like a "play button". The first symbol (the one on the right) is meant for sniffing packets on a single application. While the second is meant for sniffing packets on all the apps running on your Android device at that time. Though any of the buttons will do, we will make use of the second button so as to avoid issues (which some of you might encounter).
    • Click on the second button in the APK Capture app so as to create a VPN connection.
    • By now you will see the session reading (the counts increasing) but do not touch it, just leave it for some time for at least 15 mins.

    Getting The configuration file contents
    • By now the time would have gotten to fifteen minutes. Return back to the APK Capture app then click on the button which you had clicked before (the button has changed to red). Click on it to stop reading.
    • Click on the read session to view the harvested packets
    • When the read session opens, you will see several applications with some appearing multiple times as seen below.
    • Now locate the XP Psiphon app in the list. Avoid the XP Psiphon app that has zero Kilobytes (0.00KB) reading because you won't find anything in it.
    • When you open the XP Psiphon app, take down the hosts, User-Agent, etc. Note that you will find several of the data encrypted. Ignore those ones and scroll down the page for the readable ones and harvest the real information. This information is the contents that make up the configuration.
    With this detailed tutorial on how to harvest the configuration encoded in XP Psiphon config file, you should be able to create a working trick on your own. However, you can also click here to read the several ways on how to configure your tunneling app to give you free unlimited Internet access on any ISP (your country doesn't matter!!)

    Your country and ISP don't matter. Be it Zong, South Africa's CellC, MTN, or Vodacom. Or maybe Etisalat, Grameenphone, DU, Airtel, Movistar, etc. The below tutorials will work on it:
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    1. Hello Pappi. Thanks for the info. You are doing a great job keep up the good work.
      I want to make a request bro. Please can I get the detailed tutorial (in PDF) on how to get a working proxy server for free internet. I couldn't download it. The links aren't working

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      Thanks in anticipation

    2. Hii Pappi can you do a tutorial on how to open HTTP INJECTOR LOCKED CONFIG FILE
      Would appreciate it

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