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Different people have been complaining to me that they find it difficult configuring HTTP Injector. Due to these complaints, I had to write a tutorial on how to configure HTTP Injector but others still had difficulty in getting it right.

 I took a look at those who were trying to make these configurations and realized that most of them had good bugs to exploit but made mistakes in their SSH accounts when creating them. Those that eventually scaled through kept complaining of having a slow internet connection. 

 In today's post, I will show you guys how to create an SSH account that would easily connect using your generated payload. Also, i will show you guys servers to pick so as to get a fast connection.

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 There are several sites that you can use to create SSH accounts. I mentioned some sites in the post i wrote on how to configure Http Injector (Click here to read post) but the question still lies, do we actually select the write servers when creating these accounts? Lets take a look at a few things below.


The protocol is very important because it is one of the things that would determine if your payload would connect to the internet or not. So what is a protocol then?

 A protocol can be seen as a set of procedures for transmitting data between electronic devices over a network. In a layman's understanding, a protocol is a language or medium that two applications or computers agree to use for communication. It could be over the internet, intranet, or a computer network. Examples of such protocols are TCP, UDP, HTTP, DNS, SMTP, etc. So what's the big deal about protocols anyway?

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 First, you have to know that your connection would never go through if you are using the wrong protocol to generate your payload on HTTP injector. Your payload has to use that same protocol that you saw open on your network so as to make your generated payload establish communication with to its destination. 

Let's take for example that your ISP is a deaf and dumb man and you are trying to communicate with him.  The available means of communicating(protocol) with the deaf and dumb man(ISP) is via Sign language(TCP), letter writing(HTTP), Voice(UDP), or Visual display(DNS). Now you go about checking(port scanning) the deaf and dumb man(ISP) to see the means of communication(protocol) and then you realize that he only understands the sign language(TCP), you will have to use that same means to communicate(protocol) because he won't understand you if you use letter writing(HTTP), Voice(UDP or Visual Display(DNS).

 Some of you might be like "how do I know the right protocol to use for creating my SSH account?" In my other posts on how to get free internet tricks on any network, I explained how to scan for open ports and all protocol-related issues there. Whenever you scan and get the right configuration or let's say configurations that you think is right, you can easily save yourself the stress of sticking to a single protocol when applying this configuration. 

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  As I said at the beginning of this post, most of you guys have the right settings but always fail to get anything working because you guys always use the wrong protocol for your configurations. When creating your account, always ensure to choose the servers that have two available protocols on them. 

 If you look at the screenshot above, you will find out that all the ports on those servers are TCP alone. Now if you are using any of the above accounts in the screenshots and your configuration relies on a UDP protocol, your configurations won't work on any of those servers because they are using a different channel to communicate. The work of a protocol is to serve as a medium of communication between two devices and the only way to achieve this is to be on the same protocol with that of your host or proxy server included in the payload. In the screenshot below, you will notice that the accounts that i circled have both the UDP and TCP protocols on the same server

  I remember last month I created a Safaricom configurations settings on HTTP Injector and I gave it to a few people who contributed to it. I locked the configurations files and kept updating the servers for those that were using it but then the people who were using it began to demand that I give them the unlocked configurations so that they will save me the stress of always updating it. I refused but later gave in because they were all on my neck.

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 Two days after giving them the configurations, they all came back saying that i gave them the wrong configurations and so to prove them wrong, I updated the Http Injector settings and then gave it back to them unlocked. They were all surprised when they saw that the configuration settings working because they tried but failed to make it work. They were like "Yo paps you got a magic touch" but there was nothing magical in that. The accounts that they created just had the TCP protocol alone while my SSH account worked because it had both the UDP and TCP protocol on the server. These little details actually mean a lot when it comes to creating any free internet configuration. Always open an SSH account that has both TCP and UDP protocols and the same applies to the ports (that will be discussed another day). Click here to read on how to create your SSH account and generate a working payload!


 So you have managed to create a working configuration on HTTP Injector and now you are complaining about the speed. 

 Slow internet connection on your Http Injector could be that the network strength of your ISP is slow or lets say your host or maybe your SSH account server! Yes most of the issues arise as a result of the SSH servers. You go online to an SSH site maybe or and then you have to take note of the server that you select when you try to create any account.

 How people many accounts does the server offer per day? it could be 10, 15, 30, 50 ,100, 500 or even 1000! The users on these accounts matters a lot, they determine if the server gets slowed down or not. Always ensure to open an SSH account on servers that has less people but if you are a late comer, you might find that very difficult.

 The first thing you have to take note of is when those SSH server's accounts undergo reset. When you get the time, always try to be among the first so that you can create an account on SSH servers that offer just 10 users alone, or 15, 30, and 100. Servers that have over 500 or 1000 users usually give you slow internet. The screenshot above says it all. Fewer users = more speed. 

This post was written so as to correct a few mistakes Http Injector users make, the main post can be found here. The next post that I will drop will explain a lot more.

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Note: This post is for EDUCATIONAL purposes only! You are responsible for any of your actions, Techfoe only drops such to alert ISPs of their vulnerabilities.

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