Why You Need A VPN Protection In 2021 For Your Online Activities

 What is a VPN:
A VPN is a Virtual Private Network that enables it's user to create a secure connection on the public internet with a private network. The VPN hides the IP address of the user therefore allowing the individual to browse the internet anonymously through a strong encryption. 

 A secure connection is established by a VPN so that outsiders like hackers, Cyber Criminals, Government agencies, Spies and other groups of online snoopers won't be able to trail your activities. A VPN gives the user a new online identity and thereby makes 

Why you need a VPN:
 There are so many reasons why people choose to use a VPN to browse and secure their internet connection.

 Most people want to prevent their ISP from monitoring their internet activities because they want privacy while apply the service of a VPN to shield and protect them from hackers and also prevent tracking and fake profiling. The reasons are much but i will be dropping the popular one's that people most use a VPN for.

1.Online Anonymity:

A real VPN cloaks your online activities by encrypting your connection and giving you an anonymous (or new identity) so that hackers and Cyber-criminals wouldn't be able to know (who you are or) what you are doing online. Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and government agencies wont be able to monitor your online activities.

2. Security on Public Wifi-Networks:

  Public WiFi networks are the breeding ground for government agencies, hackers and Cyber criminals lurking around. A VPN protects its users that are on a public wifi network to access the internet safely by encrypting and tunneling their connection on a private network.

3.Prevent Online Profiling and Tracking:

 A hacker could keep track of your online activities and then create a fake online profile of you and then use it for your impersonation or even to defraud your friends or close relatives. You ISP, government agencies or online advertising firms can also keep track of your life online. When you use a VPN, you can not be tracked or monitored because your VPN allocates high anonymous IP addresses that are shared among thousands of users worldwide which would make it impossible for you to be tracked or monitored.

4. Bypass Internet censorship and Geo-blocked websites:
 Some websites or online contents (such as Hulu, Netflix) can't be accessed by some people because they come from a different region. The only way to get around this is to get a VPN which would bypass the region restriction and grant you access to those contents. Many people in China make use of a VPN to scale the great China firewall and gain access to the entire internet.

5. Bypass speed throttling from your ISP

 Your ISP monitors your internet activities and may decide to throttle your internet speed based on your activity. With a VPN, all your activities are sent via an encrypted tunnel which your ISP won't be able to see and thus prevent speed throttling.

 Below are a list of well reputable premium VPN service providers that offers protection from all the dangers mentioned above. Click on any of them or click here to read about their services.

5. HideMyAss VPN

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