Best VPN Services For 2021

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VPNs are great tools for creating secure and anonymous connection to the internet as the need for digital security has greatly increased. The world has witnessed different hack activities within the last few years all ranging from different types of hacks, most of which has to do with cyber criminals.

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 A VPN provides you with an encryption that tunnels your internet connection by placing it on a private network to hide your online activities from hackers, government, cyber-criminals and even your ISP. A few uses are:

   VPN secures your internet connection on a public Wifi from the hands of hackers
   They prevent online profiling and tracking
   They make your connection anonymous
   They give you a better download speed and help bypass geographical restrictions
Click here to read more on VPN uses.

Here in this post, we have hand picked and compiled a list of top VPN services, considering their prices, high anonymity,

1. Private Internet Access (PIA) VPN:
PIA offers a 128 bit blow fish encrytion to tunnels the user connection privately. They give the user the option to connect via PPTP, L2TP and Socks protocols when a device doesn't support Openvpn.

 PIA offers an unlimited bandwidth, multiple gateways and allow over 5 devices on a single subscription. They have over 3267 servers in 24 countries to give their users maximum option when it comes to bypassing Geo restrictions.

They offer a 7 day trial and are compatible with Linux, Mac, Windows, Android, iPad, iPhone etc

Price: Monthly $6.95,     6 months: $5.99/month,    Yearly: $3.33/month

Click here to visit Private Internet Access

2. Vypr VPN;

 Vypr VPN is a Swedish based VPN service provider that has over 22 years of experience in the VPN business.

They offer 3 packages which are the basic, pro and premium. Vypr VPN uses the Openvpn feature, SSl, Chameleon and 256 bits protocols on L2TP/IPSec to tunnel and keep their client connection secured.

 They have a Vypr DNS to prevent DNS leak and also a NAT firewall on their server to protect users from unwanted inbound traffic. Vypr VPN also offers a free 250gb - 50gb cloud storage for their clients depending on their subscription that the client is on.

Price: Monthly: $6.67 (Basic) $8.33(Pro)  $10 (Premier)

Click here to visit Vypr VPN

3. Express VPN:

 Express VPN offers a well secured VPN connection on a 256 bit encryption. L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, Openvpn and SSTP protocols are used on the VPN. Express VPN "no log policy", unlimited bandwidth, super fast connection and quick customer support makes it one of the best out there.

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 Express VPN has over 136+ VPN locations and they offer up to 3 devices connection and they offer a 30day money back guarantee. Express VPn is compatible with: Android, Routers, Mac, Linux, iPhone etc
Price: Monthly: $12.95,  6 months: 9.99/month,   Yearly: $8.32/month

 Nord VPN is a very popular VPN that offers it's high reliable services at a very affordable rate. They have different servers for their users need, one of which is the Double VPN that encrypts both incoming and out going traffic. Another is the Anti-DDoS server to protect against DDoS attacks and then the Tor-Over-VPN service

 Nord VPN has over 550 servers in 49 regions and one thing that makes people go for it more is because it is not a US company but based in Panama which doesn't have any data retention law. Nord VPN is compatible with Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux and even your home router. They offer a 3day free trial on request and a 30day money back guarantee.

Price: Monthly: $8,   6 months: $30,  Yearly: $48

Buffered VPN is a Budapest based VPN service provider. Connections to Buffered servers are encrypted with a 128-bit AES SSL algorithm. Its supported protocol is Openvpn which is the most trusted and secured of all protocols. It supports both UDP and TCP connections.

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 They offer a 30-day money back guarantee for their users and they offer a free trial (only if you are a member of the press). Its desktop clients are available for Windows, Mac OSX and a legacy linux (0.6) which is still in a beta stage.

Price: Monthly: $12.99,   6 Months:$9.99/Month,  Yearly: $8.25/Month

Click here to visit Buffered VPN

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