Mirai Marlware behind Last Friday's Global internet takedown

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 Last week Friday, so many websites noticed a huge stream of DDoS attacks and were left inaccessible for some hours. Websites like Dyn, Twitter, Reddit, Netflix, Spotify, theverge.com, bbc.com, pinterest.com, cnbc.com, xbox.com and horde of other sites were brought down temporary.

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 The first wave of attack targeted those in the East coast of the United States but later it spread out global.  Sometime ago we reported of the largest ever seen DDoS source code released on the dark web, code named Mirai. This same Mirai source code was used in bringing down Brian krebs and OVH sites to a state of comatose.

 Latest findings suggests that the same Mirai code was used in bringing down Dyn inc., the website that manages web traffic for sites like spotify, twitter, reddit, netflix etc and as such resulted in a black-out of these sites. A post from the official Dyn's blog by their Chief Strategy Officer Kyle York, shows that the attack on their server were not only massive but sophisticated and involved 10s of millions of hacked IP addresses.

 Hangzhou Xiangmai technology, a Chinese firms that deals in DVRs and Internet-based cameras also played a major role in the attack last Friday. According to reports, hackers were able to take advantage of the those devices weak default passwords and infect them with the Mirai malware and launched the attacks. The company is now advising its customers to updates their devices private information and passwords.

 The release of the Mirai source code in the dark web could be the beginning of internet chaos as people with little or no knowledge can use it to take over Internet connected gadgets and launch DDoS attack on any site that they feel displeased with.

H*acker release DDoS attack code on Krebs and OVH sites, DDoS attack Mirai code

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