USB Kill: Hackers destroys the MacBook Pro, Pixel, PS4 Pro and others in less than 5 seconds

Pappi Hex

 Electronic gadgets ranging from gaming systems, phones, PCs and even cars now stand at the risk of getting fried with the USB Kill flash drive.

 The USB Kill device which was developed last year can completely destroy most gadget in seconds by delivering continuous power surge. So far, h*ckers exploiting this tool have completely destroyed big gaming consoles like the Xbox One S and PS 4 Pro

 This crazy experiment was also carried upon a brand new MacBook Pro, a Lenovo PC and a Google Pixel which didn't survived the attack and got fried within seconds!  The iPad Pro, iPhone7 Plus and some headphones survived the attack while the Samsung Note7 and the iPhone7 got their charging port fried during the experiment.

The creator of the USB Killer drive, a Russian who goes by the name "Dark_Purple" also used the killer drive to fry his car dashboard unit. He said that top car manufactures have purchased his product to test the susceptibility of USB ports.

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