Stark VPN free unlimited internet on any ISP using open ports

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 This post is not directed to a particular region because it can be used in any region and it will work perfectly without issues.

Today we will be making use of stark VPN in this post. Stark VPN is a Virtual Private Network app that routes our connection to another region so as to keep our online online activities and other use away from prying eyes such as our ISP. As you all know, the aim of this post is to get free unlimited internet access without having to spend a dime.

 How does Stark VPN comes into play in providing free internet access without being configured?
Stark VPN provides free internet access to its users by searching for free open ports on the users ISP network. The VPN exploits such to provide free unlimited internet access to its users only IF there is any open port on the network. Please do not get me wrong because this wont work for you if there isn't any open port residing on your network. 

 In this post we will be making use of two Virtual Private Network apps to accomplice this aim. Kindly follow the below procedures and enjoy the trick.

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1. An Android device
2. Any Simcard from any country
3. Your Simcard must not have any browsing data or call credit so as to be able to know if the trick works
4. Stark VPN and Yoga VPN
5. Android emulator (optional)
6. Patience 

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1. Click here to download Stark VPN and here to download Yoga VPN
2. Install both apps but just open one of them at a time so as to avoid them clashing
3. Now click on connect and wait for it to connect. If its taking forever, then switch to the second VPN and connect.
4. When it finally connects, open your android emulator and then type ping and then minimize, leaving it running in the background.

Know that one of the VPN would establish an internet connection if there is an open port on the network. Remember to start the VPN before opening your terminal emulator! don not ping on the terminal emulator before using your VPN.

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Note: This post is for EDUCATIONAL purpose only! You are responsible for any of your actions, Techfoe only drop such to alert ISPs of their vulnerabilities.

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  1. where or how do i type the ping string

  2. It wont connect

  3. Thanks pappi but I haven't test the app we will give you feedback ones I tested the app thanks alot for any of your work

  4. Working but slow. but its better with the terminal emulator running in the background. Tnx for it.

    1. How to use terminal emulator

    2. Download. open it and then type Ping (put space and then type) and then click on enter. Its not difficult.

    3. Hey, there is no data about my carrier (Geocell) how can I set settings for it?

  5. Where is the terminal emulator on android?

  6. Confirmed working on mtn!

  7. Hi. I'm home using my cell with home wifi. Stark works, but shouldn't the real test be to try STARK without wifi and without turning on mobile data? Also, what's the emulator for?

  8. Does it still work? How fast is it?

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