Ukrainian Cyber Police Arrests Hacker for Facilitating Spread of Petya.A malware

Pappi Hex

 The Ukrainian cyber police have busted a 51-year-old Ukrainian accused of spreading the deadly Petya.A virus. 

 According to local reports, the suspect made an online tutorial video explaining how people could use the Petya.A malware to infects other people's computer systems. This Petya ransomware infects the Master Boot record(MBR) and then encrypts the hard drive of the victims computer. Locking up the whole files and programs.

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 A raid conducted by police at the suspects residence saw them retrieve computer equipements and malicious software similar to the Petya.A.

Some items recovered from the suspect
 Ransomware attacks have doubled within the last two years. If you could remember, Techfoe made a post sometime ago in which hackers and cyber criminals were on the loose, infecting victims worldwide with the Petya ransomware with most of the attacks happening in Ukraine.

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