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 GBWhatsApp new version 5.90 is out for download for those who love to use more than one WhatsApp application on their Android device.

 For those who still don't know what GBWhatsApp is all about. GBWhatsApp is a clone of WhatsApp -- i mean it's a WhatsApp application that can work alongside the original version of whatsApp so as to allow you to have two WhatsApp accounts on the same android device.

 There are so many exciting features that GBWhatsapp has that the original version of WhatsApp lacks! and yes, using GBWhatsApp won't get you in trouble. You can click here to read more about the exciting features of GBWhatsapp application. Those who wants to make update to their GBWhatsApp should read below and make their download.

Features of GBWhatsApp:
1. Dual WhatsApp account support in one device
2. Selfie flash
3. Ban proof
4. You can send broadcast to 600 people instead of 250
5. Send link to join your WhatsApp group publicly
6. Hide last seen for specific contacts
7. Video calling
8. Send Gif Images
9.  Disable calls for specific contacts
10. Counter statistics for groups
11. Media preview without loading in an advance way
12. Several theme mods
13. And much more!

Update in the new version 5.90 of GBWhatsApp

1. Exclusive Feature! User can disable the automatic loading of media for each conversation individually (Select the profile of any conversation and then change the automatic download settings)
2.  Exclusive Feature! Users can message or call numbers that are not saved  in their device. (You can simply do this by going to the call section and then press the floating button)
Exclusive Feature! Users can choose their own video player of choice through Option No. 6.19
3.  New interface design
4.  All photos, both received and send are grouped in an album
5.  Backups of conversation will be done daily at 2 AM
6.  Games and other applications can be easily shared on WhatsApp
7.  User can edit scheduled message 
8.  Scheduled message error fixed in some devices
9.  WhatsApp.log error fixed
10. Support for Turkey language
11.  Spanish and Italian translation updated
12.  Added, Option 6.18 to disable the search engine for the animated images Giphy - Tenor
13.  Added, Option 6.17 to disable message counter on the program icon
14.  Other fix and updated added too!

Click here to download GBWhatsApp V6.90

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