This iPhone X clone cost less than $100!

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The iPhone X recently launched by Apple is a much coveted phone which many iPhone users know that they will never be able to afford it due to the heavy price of $1000 placed on it.

 The iPhone X which is seen as a smartphone that is not mean't for "everyone" just got a rival called "The GooPhone X" which sells for less than $100!

 The GooPhone X which looks identical to the iPhone X is made by GooPhone, a company notoriously known for stealing designs of premium phones so as to create a phone look-alike of that device.

GooPhone is so notorious in its work that they even managed to put together the fake GooPhone before the launch of the original iPhone X. Years back, GooPhone stole the design of the iPhone 5 and then went ahead to create a "GooPhone 5" and even launched the device before apple. GooPhone didn't stop there but went ahead and threatened to sue Apple for copyright!

So whats the spec of the GooPhone X anyway? Well the GooPhone X has a 5.5-inch edge-to-edge display which has a 720*1280 HD display and a Mediatek MTK6580 chip. The device runs on Android 5.0 OS which they some how managed to make a fake Android 7.0 appear in place of Android 5.0. The phone displays a fake 4G LTE while offering 3G.

 The fake iPhone X has 1GB of RAM and it shows a Fake 64GB memory capacity when its actual ROM space is 16GB. What looks like a dual-camera set-up at the back of the phone is faked too, though it has an 8-mega pixel at the back and a 2-mega pixel in the front.

There's a 3.5mm headphone jack, 2100mAh battery and.... well, there's no finger print scanner on the fake device as we doubt if there's any Face ID system too. Wait, GooPhone can fake that too!

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