How To Easily Convert WhatsApp Voice Messages Into Texts!

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WhatsApp is a very popular messaging application that has about 2.5 billion users worldwide. The messaging platform has over 1 billion daily active users who exchange about 55 billion messages, 4.5 billion photos and 1 billion videos are shared per day.

Popular features on WhatsApp include free texts, video calls, and voice messaging... yes voice messaging would be our focus in this post.

Voice messaging is a very fast way of passing messages to another user on WhatsApp. It saves you the time used in typing and making corrections while the recipient is just required to tap to hear the message.

However, you as a recipient might be in a crowded and noisy environment and won't be able to get the message details. In this post, I will be showing you guys how to transcribe scribe voice messages into text.

1. First you need to download Transcriber from Google Play Store onto your device.

2. Install and then open the app

3. Now choose the preferred language in which you want to transform the voice messages into.

4. Next, open your WhatsApp application and then navigate to chat, long press on the voice message.

5. click on the share icon - Transcriber from the drop-down menu

6. Now the app will automatically turn the WhatsApp voice message to text.

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