Samsung Develops Battery That Charges 5 Times Faster

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Electronics giants Samsung has developed a battery that charges 5 times faster than the existing standard battery.

The South Korean company said that the new battery technology uses graphene to expand capacity and speed the charging process. The new graphene-based battery will supposedly have 45% more capacity than the regular Li-poly and Li-on batteries faster. Graphene conducts electricity 140 times faster than silicon as so is the charging speed.

According to, the Samsung graphene batteries will only need 12 minutes to be fully charged and still maintain a stable temperature of 60 degrees Celsius. Samsung said the batteries can also be used in electric vehicles.

Last year the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 line device were taken off the market due to some issues which made the device to over heat and explode during charge. However, the Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 device didn't suffer the same fate as the Note 7 as Samsung tried restoring faith in its users.

So far, Samsung has applied for patents in the US and Korea for its new technology

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