All Annoying Ads Will Be Auto Blocked By Chrome In February 2018

Pappi Hex

 Internet giant Google has revealed that it will stop showing ads that don't meet certain standard for quality in Chrome starting February 15, 2018.

The company will apply the standards as set by the Coalition for Better Ads which of course, Google is part of. The standards set are all to prevent all sort of annoying ads so as to give users the best browsing experience.

Ads that will be blocked includes pop-up ads, auto playing videos with sounds, large sticky ads and prestitials ads with countdowns on Desktop computers. Those on mobile includes flashing ads, pop-up ads, prestitial ads,  auto video playing ads with sounds, postitial ads with count downs, full screen scroll-over, large sticky ads and more.  

 Google explained that when an ad causes the site to receive a failing status for more than 30 days in the, Chrome will eventually remove all ads from that site.  Violations of the Standards reports are submitted to sites via the Ad Experience reportand site owners whose sites have been found in violation of the standards can submit their site for review once the violations have been fixed.

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