Sweden Man Sentenced 10 Years For Raping 27 Girls Online

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Courts in Sweden have convicted a man accused of 'raping his victims' over the internet in a case that is meant to serve as a deterrent to others.

The accused whose name is Bjorn Samstrom, a 41-year man from Sweden was accused of 'gross rape' and victimizing 27 children from the UK, US and Canada.

According to TNW, Bjorn coerced the girls into performing sexual acts in front of web cams under threats of murdering their loved ones.

The accused was handed a 10 year prison sentenced so as to serve as a warning to others who thinks crimes as such cant be categorized for proper sentencing and so would be waved off in court.

 Describing what online sexual coercion could be seen as,  Prosecutor for the case, Annika Wennerstrom told the National Post, "It's only the sexual predator's imagination that sets the limits. The technology knows no limits. So we have to adapt our mindsets to.'What can a rape be'? We say a rape can be different things. You don't always have to have the textbook case of a physical attack or physical coercion."

Wennerstrom went on to say that the girls were very scared and did as they were told. The girls were made to take off their clothes and penetrate themselves with fingers or objects. Some were even forced to involve some other children or pets in performing the act.

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