Ubuntu Touch Mobile OS Will Soon Run Android Apps With "Anbox"

Pappi Hex

Ubuntu Touch is the touch-friendly mobile version of Ubuntu Linux, designed and developed by Canonical. However, Canonical later ended their support for the Ubuntu Touch and ever since then the UBports community has been taking care of the project.

The UBports community consists of developers and users who came together to keep Ubuntu Touch alive after Canonical abandoned the Ubuntu project. The community develops, integrates new features so as to make the user experience as best as they can.

According to the latest developments, the UBports community has announced the inauguration of project Anbox, a new feature on Ubuntu Touch for running apps.

Anbox which stands for Android-in-a-box, will aid Ubuntu Touch users to run Android apps on a Linux distro using a container-based approach for maximum security and performance. This approach needs lesser resources than emulating complete Android kernel.

This development is a good one as it would attract new users and also give Ubuntu Touch users access to tons of apps that aren't available on the Touch platform.

So far, Anbox is available in pre-alpha stage for Ubuntu desktop and would soon be available within a few weeks for Ubuntu Touch. The feature would also be added as an optional feature to Ubuntu Touch.

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