Blackberry Mobile Website Hacked To Mine Cryptocurrency

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 The huge explosion of cryptocurrency price has attracted new investors into the crypto world who hope to grab a piece of the cake. As this profitable niche attracts legit investors, so does the ones with illicit motives.

 A Reddit user has revealed that the official website of Blackberry Mobile was using its visitors CPU power to mine Monero digital coins.

According to Rundvleeskroket, the discovery was made by their friend who pointed out that the mobile site was using Coinhive's cryptocureency code to mine for Monero.

 Over the past months, cryptocurrency owners and exchange have suffered attacks by hackers whose aim is to steal their crypto coins. While others launch direct attack on crypto owners wallet, some prefer to hijack popular websites to mine for crypto coins. The domain is a trading name used by TCL Communications to sell Blackberry branded devices around the world, and its heavy traffic on site attracted the hacker.

Coinhive, the company that provides provides cryptocurrency miners the code to mine the crypto coins legally, revealed that the Blackberry Mobile site was compromised by a Coinhive user who took advantage of the critical security flaw in Magento webshop software. The same user also hacked several other sites and used the same code to mine Monero illegally, and as a result Coinhive terminated the users account.

"We're sorry to hear that our service has been misused. This specific user seems to have exploited a security flaw issue in the Magento webshop software (and possibly others) and hacked a number of different sites. We have terminated the account in question for violating our terms of service now," Coinhive said.

As at the time of this report, the malicious code had already been removed from the site

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