This Are the Reasons Why We Have QWERTY Keyboard Instead Of ABCDE!

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Have you ever wondered why the keyboard on our smartphones, computer systems etc use the same QWERTY format to lay out keys instead of ABCDE? It is also important you know that QWERTY keyboard is the universal keyboard used globally today.

When you look at your keyboard, you will notice that the first six letters in the key row starts with QWERTY. But why not use ABCDE instead? Well there are a number of reasons why we use QWERTY instead of ABCDE.

The first typewriter was created by Christopher Sholes in 1868 and it had only 28 keys arranged from A to Z. At that time, various telegraph operators used typewriters arranged in alphabetical order to understand the Morse codes.

However, the alphabetical layout of the keyboard made it difficult to for telegraph operators to decode and thus, it didn’t help in fastening their work. In response to their plight, the QWERTY keyboard was made after receiving several suggestions from different telegraph operators. The new keyboard worked like a charm.

There’s also another story why the keyboard was changed from ABCDE to QWERTY. When the mechanical typewriters were produced, they also had their keys laid out in an alphabetical order and because of its ABCDE layout, people typed so fast that the mechanical characters arms jammed frequently.

In order to prevent the keys from jamming, the QWERTY keyboard was introduced with the aim of slowing down typing so as to prevent keys from jamming!

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