Avast launches a Privacy-Based Secure Chromium Browser

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Privacy is an issue when you use Internet-connected gadgets or when you visit the internet web. The recent Facebook privacy scandal which affected over 80,000 Facebook users has alarmed Internet users who are now seeking various means that would help them in keeping their private data safe from the hands of those data collectors.

One very common way to prevent tech companies from stealing your data is to employ the service of virtual private network (VPN). There are paid and free VPN service out there, you can click here to visit them. However, not everyone will go for a VPN. Others are just looking for a quick solution which is exactly what Avast has done.

The Avast Secure Browser is a Chromium-based browser which was made to address misconceptions many people have about and online security. The browser is described as secure, private and fast. It is worth to note that this browser is a renamer and updated version of SafeZone.

According to a research result conducted by Avast to see people's beliefs and attitudes towards online security and privacy, the company found many misconceptions among internet users. The research showed that about 69% of UK users mistakenly believe that Incognito and Private browsing modes gives them an anonymous connection and hide their browsing activities.

Another result shows that about 81% percent users believe that their browser would alert them to potential web-based threats such as malicious extensions and crypto-mining.

Avast assures users that the Avast Secure Browser does not only protect against malicious software but also offers protection against third-party cookie tracking. The browser also has an Anti-Tracking mode, banking mode, Stealth Mode and best of all, VPN integration. And the speed of the browser? avast claims that the browser is 400% faster than other browsers.

Click here to download the Avast Secure Browser for Windows Avast will make available for Android and iOS later this year.

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