Algeria Blocks Entire Country Internet To Combat Students Exam Malpractice

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Algeria on Wednesday blocked its entire country internet during national high school exams in a bid to tackle the leaking of answers and other forms of exam malpractice.

According to the AP, the decision to block the internet temporary came after massive leaks of the baccalaureate (the last mandatory high exam) was heavily seen in the past two years.

The Algerian Education Minister, Dr. Nouria Benghabrit, on Tuesday told the Algerian national radio that the internet including social media networks such as Facebook and Instagram will be blocked for the first hour of each baccalaureate exam during the June 20-25 exam period.

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Not only was the  Internet be jammed for a whopping one hour, but cell phone jammers and surveillance cameras were installed at each examination centre.

"We have put in place a technical device that consists of suspending the internet connection and block the social networks from Wednesday to prevent the leaking of baccalaureate subjects," the education minister said.

Late comers to the exams were banned from taking part, instead, they were given a specially organised test. 

The pre-planned blackouts are due to continue for the whole period of exams to combat cheating among over 700,000 students across over 2,000 exam centres.

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