Raid: Zambia Free Unlimited Internet Trick via Proxy And DNS Unblockers

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Last week, i was suppose to drop a Zambian free unlimited Internet trick as earlier said in one of my posts. I asked you guys to message me in regards to the trick and most of you did, though I didn't have the time to attend to all of your messages.

Well, the Zambian free internet settings needs a little tweak for it to work. The end result of it is that the trick worked and there isn't no need for SkyVPN and those other forms of slow free internet browsing.

Wait, if the free internet trick is there .... why not post it and skip this palaver instead? Well, those whom I tutored on what to do have been pleading with me not to make the trick public. All four separate individuals whom I told what to do have been saying the same thing even though I didn't connect any of them together.

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The thing is, when I create a working configuration, the decision lies with me to make the trick public or not. However, when I don't create the configurations but give the users individual instructions on what to do. When they follow the instructions and get it right, I ask them to decide for themselves if I'm to make the trick public or not. Its just my principle.

Though I will be keeping to their demands, I will however, give you guys tips on what to do and how to come with your own free internet trick.

First of all, there are some open ports which on your network which some VPN apps can utilise to give you free internet. Secondly, most of the hosts you guys think aren't working are actually working though they need unblockers to help you access free internet.

In this post I will list just a few unblockers that will help you attain this aim. We will use the DNS unblockers and the proxy unblockers... both can give you the same result though but what matters is the effectiveness.

How do they work?
These DNS and Proxy unblockers help users to bypass censorship employed by their government, work place or even Internet Service Providers. Sites such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and host of other sites are the most commonly blocked sites by some countries and ISP's for reasons that are best known to them. 

However, the use of these unblockers will help you to bypass those restriction and grant you full access because your connection will be routed via another server that can easily bypass these restrictions. Mind you, those unblockers doesn't unblock those sites that I mentioned alone, they also unblock so many other websites too.

Before proceeding with this post, you should know that not all unblockers are the same... their strength differs. Find a list of the proxy and DNS unblockers below. Kindly note that the numbering has nothing to do with their ranking.

Note: kindly read the post from the beginning to the end because I will be listing both Proxy unblockers and DNS unblockers along with a little procedure to set-up your DNS.

Proxy Unblockers:

1. 4everproxy

4everproxy is a free proxy that acts as a middle man between your computer and the Internet. It is a web proxy and an anonymous proxy that concentrates on facilitating your access to the web. 4everproxy has several rotating IP addresses that help users easily switch between connections. 4everproxy can be configured in several ways to get targeted result.

Click here to visit 4everproxy

2. Kproxy

Kproxy is also similar to 4everproxy but differs in its own special way. It does offer users anonymity and unblocks sites for them, and just 4everproxy, it can also be customized in several ways to unblock sites e.g adding a URL before it such as

Click here to visit kproxy

Note: Please do not limit yourself to the two listed Proxy unblockers that i mentioned above. There are many proxy unblockers out there which might offer you better service and result. In time, I hope to create a post explaining in details how to use them.

DNS Unblockers:

For some personal reasons I prefer DNS unblockers to those proxy unblockers. I'm not saying that proxy unblockers are ineffective. I just prefer them because they are faster and the chances of your breakthrough are more when using DNS unblockers. And by the way, though I prefer DNS unblockers, I always begin with proxy unblockers any time I want to do stuff like this.

Procedures on How to Setup your DNS Host Name:
This step is the basic that is required in setting up your DNS... I have named a few DNS unblockers below this little procedure to help you achieve your goal.

i. First, visit or similar sites and then create an account.
ii. When you are done creating an account there, copy the IP address of your created profile account.
iii. Now go to of the above mentioned DNS unblockers site and then configure as seen below so as to convert the IP you copied to a host name.

    Host name: Put the URL of your free host there.
    IP address: The IP address that you copied
    Domain: Select any domain that suites you and then click on submit or create.

iv. When it has been converted to a host name, you can use it to configure your tunneling app or even add a VPN connection directly on your Droid device in the VPN section of your phone.

3. Inputdns

InputDNS is sophisticated with all that is needed to bypass restrictions without putting the users data and sensitive info at risk. This DNS unblocker re-routes your connection off your network onto their own DNS servers to make you achieve your quest.

Click here to visit InputDNS to create your host name.

4. Duckdns

DuckDNS is very popular and does deliver in bypassing restriction placed by your ISP or whoever it is. Though, many of you wont find it user-friendly to attain your aim. DuckDNS delivers. But your host and whatever it is that you want to use matters a lot more.

Click here to visit DuckDNS to create your host name.

5. Pointdns

PointDNS is the last on this list, that doesn't mean its less efficient. PointDNS everything that those two that I mentioned does. Its all a matter of choice.

Click here to visit PointDNS to create your host name.

Note: This post is for EDUCATIONAL purpose only! You are responsible for your usage of it. Techfoe only drop such to alert ISPs of their vulnerabilities.

Free unlimited internet trick for Zambia users on Mtn, Zamtel and Vodafone. South Africa free unlimited internet trick for Mtn, Cellc and Vodacom 2018 June/July 2018. Psiphon and Http injector free unlimited internet trick.

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  4. The reason they said dont share is because they want to sell the tricks in zambia and only themselves benefit. All am saying is its better you post for the general good of everyone who helps you gain revenue via viewing of your posts. Further, yet every trick is shut down eventually barring others in the long run leave this site with less viewers due to perceived bias.

  5. Can I use this on pc without an emulator? If so what changes should I make and which tunneling app should I use?

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  11. Hello pappi
    How do we create free internet on an ISP that no longer has any free host?

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