Rootless Launcher Gives Your Android Phone The Google Pixel Look

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Launchers gives our Android smartphone a new look and at the same time, offer us features that eases our use of our Droid device.

The Android operating system is open and different from iOS. Where Apple decides how iOS looks and feel, Android allows it users to personalized their Android device home screen with the help of a launcher.

There are so many free Launchers on the Google Play Store that will give you a good experience on your Droid device. One of those Launchers is the "Rootless Launcher."

Developed by Amir Zaidi, the Rootless Launcher gives users a Google Pixel like experience on your Android device. The Rootless Launcher doesn't hold posses every feature of the Google Pixel device, however, it does provide users the Android Pie feel on the Google Pixel 3 device.

Just as it is on the Pixel 3 device, once installed on your device, the Launcher has the same home screen layout with Google search at the button and the swipe up functionality to access your apps.

Android users will however have to install "Rootless Pixel Bridge" to get the full functionality of the app. The download option is also present in the app itself.

While this Launcher tries its best to offer Android users the feel and looks of the Pixel device, other features like the Android Pie slice and others are missing.

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