An Apple Store Got Robbed, Another Two Got Robbed As Apple Becomes Hit Target For Thieves

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An Apple store in California, Burlingame was on Sunday morning burgled by thieves who entered the store and started snatching the Apple devices from the displays. The robbers got away in a getaway vehicle.

The rate at which Apple stores are being robbed in California is growing at a torrent pace. According to ABC News, Apple Stores in Santa Rosa and Emeryville were robbed in a similar fashion last week.

A week before the robbery in Apple's Santa Rosa store, another Apple store in Corte Madera in marin County was robbed.

Other robberies have taken place in Roseville and Fresno, and they all appear to be using the same technique.

The robbers who usually put on hoodies to conceal their face would walk into the Apple store pretending to be customers. At first, they would casually browse round, pretending to be going through the devices on display. When they are sure that nobody has eyes on them, boom! like an avalanche, they will start dashing forth and back grabbing whatever Apple products their hands can get.

However, during one attempt to rob an Apple store in August at The Oaks mall in Thousand Oaks, California, the customers in the store pounced on two of the robbers and prevented the robbery. A third escaped by was later apprehended by the police.

Apple uses a special version of its software for all demo devices it uses for display, of which the demo devices could be rendered useless if stolen. However, this doesn't seem to deter the robbers who are still on the rampage. This simply get us to the conclusion that stolen devices are being sold as a parts which makes it even more lucrative.


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