Facebook Smart Display Assistant To Be Announced This Week

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For some time now Facebook has been working on a smart display assistant similar to that of JBL's Link View and Amazon's Echo Show. Though the Facebook smart display assistant seem to have been ready and was supposed to be announced at Facebook's annual F8 developer conference in May this year, the social media company couldn't launch the device due its Cambridge Analytics scandal.

 According to Chedder, the Facebook device which is code named 'Portal' is expected to be launched this week. The device will come in two variant; the bigger one will be priced around $400 and while the smaller one will be priced for $300.

The smart display by Facebook will reportedly come with a privacy shutter to the front camera. According to Chedder, this shutter was developed following the wakes of privacy related-issues associated with the social media giant.

Other features of the Portal device includes an A.I powered video chat technology, integration with Amazon's Alexa voice assistant for voice control to let users read cooking recipes, play music, watch videos, and get news updates.

The Portal device have been shown to major retailers and at the same time, the products have been undergoing tests in their employees homes for several months.

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