Founder Of South Korea's Largest Spycam P0rn Site Jailed

Pappi Hex

The female co-founder of South Korea's largest p0rn spycam site has been sentenced to 4-years in prison by a Seoul court.

According to local media, the convicted woman whose surname is Song, age 45, was found guilty of aiding and abetting the distribution of obscene materials.

The website Soranet, is said to have had over a million users and as well to have hosted thousands of illegal videos. Many of which were filmed with spy cameras and shared without the consent of the women featured in it.

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The distribution or circulation of p0rn is illegal in South Korea. Soranet was shut down in 2016 following a public outcry.

According to a court statement, Song who co-founded Soranet in 1999 along with her husband and two other people is said to have "seriously damaged and distorted people's universal dignity and value," the statement. Adding that she had "enjoyed huge profit" from the site.

The court fined Song 1.4 billion won (about $1.2m) and was also ordered to attend 80 hours of sexual violence prevention education.

Song is said to have fled South Korea after the police began to investigate the site in 2015. However, She was forced to return home when her passport was revoked. Her husband and the others who co-owned the site all have Australian citizenship or permanent residency, still at large.

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In recent months, tens of thousands of women have rallied calling on the government to take more action against the creation and distribution of illegal p0rn in the country.

The spycam p0rn which is known as 'molka' in Korea, involves mostly men filming women without their consent in toilets, changing rooms, public gathering, on stairs, or even by ex-partners etc.

Official statistics shows that about 98% of offenders are men--this includes teachers, professors, police officers and even pastors. While over 80% of the victims are women. Some of the women featured in the videos are said to have taken their own lives.


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