Gmail Receives Message Schedule Feature For 15th Year Birthday

Pappi Hex

Google has introduced a new feature to Gmail to celebrate the free mail service 15th birthday which happens to be today the 1st of April. Yeah...i know some of you are surprise, but its no joke.

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The new feature allow users of the Gmail service to schedule mails to send at a later time. This new addition to Gmail will save users of the service the stress of having to time themselves to send a mail. With this new feature, you won't bother about failing to send mails on time.

Another addition is that Gmail's Al-guided Smart Compose has grown.....adapted to fit users personal style. Smart Compose has learned to recognize users writeup. For example, if you do began with 'hey' or 'hello,' you won't have to keep repeating that line every time.

Based on your body text, the Al-guided feature can suggest subject lines. Google began to roll out the feature on Android beyond the Pixel 3. The feature also works in French, Spanish, Italian ans Portuguese. The feature is also coming to iOS users.

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