Mozilla Is Working On A New Browser Called Fenix To Replace Firefox

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For some time now, Firefox for Android hasn't received any update from Mozilla. Well, it turns out the company has a new browser called 'Fenix' in the works to replace the current Firefox browser for Android.

Spotted by Ghacks, a suppor document published by Mozilla shows the plan the company has in place to replace the Firefox browser (it was referred to as 'Fenix' in the document) with Fenix.

Firefox version 67 and 68 for Android will be released as previously planned on May 14th and July 9th. However, the browser will only receive bug and security patches afterwards with no updates. That is, Firefox 68.1 will be released September 3rd, v68.2 on October 22nd and more.

According to the document, Mozilla says that it will continually have to divert resources from Fenix development to fix bugs and implement features in the current version of Firefox.

Once Mozilla releases Firefox 68 for Android, Fenix's development will speeden up because all resources and focus will be moved to Fenix. However, the later versions of Firefox for Android won't receive any new web features but security and bug patches until Mozilla is through developing Fenix.

For now, there is no word on when the company plans to release Fenix, though from the look of things, given the fact that Fenix uses a different architecture under the hood (fenix uses GeckoView instead of Gecko), it might take a while before the browser will be ready for Android users.

Those who ants to try out Fenix ( nightly builds) should click here. Ensure to choose the right APK that will suite your device. Those not sure of what to chose should go with 'aarch64.'

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