You Can Now Use WhatsApp Instead Of SMS For Verification Of Codes

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Facebook is trying to make codes verification easy for apps and websites that uses Two-Factor authentication to verify its users.

Two-factor authentication (also called 2FA) is an extra layer of protection used by websites, apps, online services, etc to ensure the security of user's online accounts beyond the username and password. This method of verification usually requires a trusted device or trusted phone number during setup which can used to confirm the user's claimed identity.
2FA strengthens the security of our online accounts, but can be annoying some times. Though, most times its efficient, it does fail sometimes. I remember being locked out from my Twitter account and none of the 2FA verification codes that was sent via SMS to me delivered.

The same event also happened to me with my Google account. Though my phone had Internet connection, Google said it couldn't reach my phone for verification of the account that i wanted to login to. Well, Facebook finally has a good plan that will aid in this area.

The social media giant said that is it releasing Account Kit SDK to allow users of WhatsApp around the globe to make use of the messaging service instead of SMS or any other form of 2FA for verification of codes.

"We're releasing the SDK to integrate WhatsApp verification into Account Kit for iOS and Android. Developers can now give people the option to use WhatsApp to send verification codes as alternative to SMS for phone number login," Facebook said in a blog post.

Developers around the world can now use the Account Kit SDK in their app(s) or website, giving the users option to choose the best form of 2FA that will suite them given WhatsApp huge popularity.

For more about Account Kit, click here to access Essential Guide.

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