This Titanium Samsung Galaxy S10+ Case Is More Expensive Than The Phone Itself

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A regular phone case costs between $7 to $30, while the more premium ones that has almost all the anti's that we can ever imagine (anti scratch, anti break, etc.) we don't expect to exceed $100 at the maximum.

Well, you will be surprised to hear that some phone cases are actually more expensive than the device that it is meant to protect.

Gray, a Singapore-based company known for making luxury cryptocurrency wallet, luxurious phone cases, luxurious writing tool, luxurious laptop 'companion', etc., have made their Advent cases for the Samsung Galaxy S10+, with the cheapest being sold for $701 and the most expensive being sold for $1,343.

According to Gray, the long hours that it takes to CNC machine from a solid block of aerospace grade titanium, futuristic design and its innovative friction for fitting the device without the need for screws makes the Advent special.

"There are a few things that make the Advent special," Gray's website read. "Firstly, each case takes up to 8 hours to CNC machine from a solid block of aerospace grade titanium overseen only by our most trusted craftsman. Secondly, it features a futuristic design where cutting ridges break the profile of the case, creating an angular design inspired by the aerodynamic shape of hypersonic planes. Thirdly, we have invented an innovation friction fit assembly that allows the phone case to be assembled just using friction between the Titanium Case and an inner TPU rubber housing without the need for any screws."

Though the Samsung Galaxy S10+ isn't the only device that Gray has a case for, the Galaxy device is the only one to have the Advent cases.

There are four variants of the Advent case. The Titanium costs $701, Stealth $802, Gold $1,156 and the Aurora $1,306.

Gray says that the Titanium version won't have any limit in numbers in its production. However, Stealth will be limited to 100 pieces worldwide, while the Gold and Aurora variants will be limited to just 50 pieces worldwide.

The difference between the $701 Titanium and the 1,306 Aurora and the rest is that is that the Titanium has no coating. The Aurora is individually hand-torched, the Stealth has a black vapor deposition (PVD) coating, while the Gold has a gold PVD coating.

The Advent cases are up for pre-order at Grays website.

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