Facebook Reaches 5 Billion Installs On The Google Play Store

The Facebook app for Android has reached 5 billion installs on the Google Play Store, crossing the milestone 5 years after it reached 1 billion installations on the Google Play Store.

There are millions of Android apps on the Google Play Store and to rake up to 5 billion installs is a very big deal. There are only a few apps that have reached this milestone, and they include Chrome, YouTube, Play Services, Maps, Gmail, etc these are all Google apps.

Apart from being Google apps, these apps reached 5 billion download each because they do come pre-installed on most Android smartphones. 

Facebook too isn't exempted. The social giant has deals with many Android smartphone makers as it too also comes pre-installed on most devices. The only difference here is that Facebook is the only non-Google app to have attain that install figure.

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