Russia Will Ban Smartphones Without Pre-Installed Russian Apps

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After passing into law the "Sovereign Internet" law that gives it its own separate Internet from the rest of the world, the Russia government has now passed a new bill that ban smartphone devices if they don't come pre-installed with Russian software.

This bill prohibits the sale of some smartphones, smart TVs and computers which doesn't come with Russian software. 

Though the list of devices tat will be required to feature the Russian software hasn't been announced yet, the new bill has already passed Russia's lower house parliament.  

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Offenders of the law will be charged with a fine of about 200,000 Rubles ($3,100). Local media says the new bill will come into play starting July 2020 and it will make it easier for Russians in to uses devices. 

While this new bill has been applauded by some that it will ensure ease of usage by users in the country and as well aid in the growth of Russian-based technology, others are concerned about privacy and security issues.

Same way it was when Russian passed into law the sovereign Internet bill, it is feared that the government will use the Russian software and apps as spying tools to snoop on citizens.

Russia says the move for a sovereign Internet is to ensure safe and sustainable functioning of Russia's Internet in case the rest of the world decides to disconnect its access. At the same time, Russia's telecom watchdog, Roskomnazor will filter the traffic for prohibited contents, and will as well ensure that traffic within Russia doesn't pass through servers hosted abroad.

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