“I Think You Appear In This Video” Phishing Scam Is Hijacking Many Facebook Users Account

Pappi Hex

A Facebook phishing scam is fast spreading on the social giants network and hijacking unsuspecting users account users who fall prey to the scam.

According to Hackread, the actors behind the scam uses "the same old tactics of tricking users into believing that they have been spotted in an x-rated video that has been leaked online - The video is titled as 'I think you appear in this video look at it I'm really impressed 🤐 confirms?'"

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This scam is being sent to targeted users via Facebook Messenger. Now, unsuspecting Facebook users that wants to watch the video will click on it which then redirects the users to a Facebook phishing page that says "Facebook needs to verify your account information to allow access this video."

First, the link doesn't contain any video. Secondly, the Facebook login page that comes up when the user clicks on the link isn't real but there to steal your Facebook login credentials.

The Facebook users account gets compromised once they submit their login details. However, it doesn't end there. The compromised accounts will then send an automatic message to every account in their friend list.

Since the message is originating from a Facebook friend, the click rate on the malicious video link will be high given that the message is originating from a close source.

Facebook users that fell for this scam or something similar are advised to quickly change  heir password, activate 2 factor authentication on their account. Also run a malware test to scan your system of any infection.

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