The Mozilla Firefox VPN Is Now Out Of Beta And Available For Users In Different Countries

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Mozilla, the guys behind the Firefox browser have been working on a virtual private network (VPN) for some time now with the first experiment in 2018.

Last year, the company began to beta-test its VPN service and later rolled out its Android client early this year. The company now says its VPN service is ready and has it rolled it out in the US, Canada, UK, Singapore, Malaysia, and New Zealand, and hopes to expand to other markets this fall.

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Contrast to many popular VPN services, the Mozilla VPN isn't based on OpenVPN or IPsec but runs on a global network of servers powered by Mullvad using the WireGuard protocol. This new protocol offers faster speed Internet connection when compared to others due to its more efficient code.

The VPN service offers a $4.99 monthly subscription that gives up to 5 simultaneous connections. The servers are hosted in over 30 countries and Mozilla, like all VPN service promises not to sell or log users data.

The Mozilla VPN client is available for Android, Windows, Chrome devices, iPhone, iPad, and will be coming to Linux and Mac devices.

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