5 Tools You Need to Start a Call Center

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Call centers are high in demand for customer service. People no longer want to go out to buy products, then why would they go out just to get information or complain about something. If they can’t get information or proper customer service, they will simply not choose your products or service. 

You need to have good customer service to retain your customers. Whether you are creating a customer service department in a company or starting a separate call center of your own, you will need to use technology to operate properly. Here I have shared all the tools you will need to run a call center. 

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Phone Call Tracking

You should know who is calling and where he is calling you from. You may have to call them back or collect that information for future decisions. However, before anything else, the customer service representative will need this information. 

He will be able to provide better service when he knows who he is talking to. You can use WildJar - Phone Call Tracking Software for this job. This program also has many other features to offer that every call center needs. In addition, you can integrate it with other tools to make your job easier and more efficient. 

Adding People for Conference Call

There come times when the representative needs to add another person to the call. It could be the case when the caller needs to talk to a manager or when he needs to connect with someone from another department for additional information. 

Get a tool that allows you to add multiple in the call from within and outside the organization without comprising the quality of the call. 

Call Recording

It goes without saying that you need to keep a record of every call. Of course, it should be informed to the caller that the call is being recorded for safety and quality assurance purposes. If there is ever a conflict in the service, you can pull out the record to find the person at fault. 

This is also important if you want to avoid any lawsuits in the future. You can’t employees abusing your customers and customers abusing your employees. Knowing that they are talking on record will ensure that everyone behaves. 

Monitoring and Whispering

Every call center needs a quality assurance department. QA agents should be able to listen to calls without anyone noticing. In addition, they should be able to guide the customer service representative within the call. 

When they guide or say something in the call, only the company employee should be able to hear it and not the customer. 

Tools to Keep Record of the Caller

When someone calls and registers a complaint, you should be able to see if he has ever called before and what it was about. Your customer service representative should be able to see this information. On many occasions, the complaint will be about ignoring the last complaint. A ticket will be created for each complaint with the information of the person responsible for resolving it, and all of this will be in the record. 

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