Telegram v7.6.0 Update Removes Limits On Voice Chats Participants, Brings Raise Hand Mechanic, And More

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Telegram has released a new update that brings the Telegram version to 7.6.0. This new update is focused on the Voice Chats feature, with changes introduced to remove limitations on the number of participants allowed, ability to record voice chats, raise hands, and more.

First introduced in December 2020, the Voice Chat feature was another means by which users could communicate on Telegram.

However, there were some limitations back then. But this new update has lifted participants limits, allowing admins of Channels and public group to host voice chats for an unlimited amount of listeners.

Also, the new update brings the ability to record chats which can be found in Saved messages and can be shared later to your followers who missed the live event. Chats that are being recorded are marked with a red light next to their title.

Similar to other video conferencing apps, participants in Voice Chats can raise their hand to request they want to speak, and admins of public groups can now make separate voice chats links for speakers and listerners.

Aside the major changes in this new update, other updates includes the ability to cancel forwards in case they have been sent to the wrong person, a resume playback option for long voice messages, and the option (on Android) to set custom actions for swiping left or right on the chat list. This action can be used for archiving chats, pinning, muting, deleting or marking them as read.

Find Telegram 7.6.0 for Android on Play Store and for iOS on the Apple Store.

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