Chinese Man Builds Gigantic 27,000,000mAh "Portable" Power Bank

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Running out of battery juice can be very frustrating, most especially when you don't have access to power to charge your phone or gadgets. However, a power bank can save you the hassle of running out of battery juice whenever you are on the go.

But then, there are times when you might run into some old friends and then realise that your portable power bank won't accommodate you guys. With that, a man in China isn't taking chances and has decided to build himself a gigantic 27,000,000mAh "portable" power bank.

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Handy Geng, from Hong Kong, owns a popular do-it-yourself (DIY) YouTube Channel on designing and building crazy devices. A few of his crazy DIY tutorials include a multi-functional beverage hat, a wheelchair lawnmower, and a refrigerator lock that requires whoever wants to use it to perform some workout before it gets unlocked.

According to the video, Geng takes what appears to be the battery unit of an electric vehicle and converts it into a massive battery bank that can power a large number of electronic devices at the same time. 

Geng makes the finished product look like a portable power bank, though bigger, giving it the look of a scaled-up version of the typical power bank. 

This power bank has a capacity of 27,000,000mAh, of which, batteries of this capacity aren't expressed in mAh (milliamp-hour) but in Ah (amp-hour) due to their large capacity. However, Geng decided to stick to this unit for the sake of easy comparison to typical power banks.

As shown in the video, Geng's power bank can power multiple cell phones, a laptop, as well other power banks. I mean, this power bank gets the crown of the "King of Power Banks" since it charges multiple power banks at the same time.

In fact, this massive power bank can charge an electric scooter, and as well power a TV, washing machine, and an electric pot at the same time. Incredible right?

I should be concerned about the weight and size but after all, it's a "portable power bank" and the weight and size shouldn't be a problem.

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