Planning on Going for Camping? Don't Forget These Essentials

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Spending a weekend away in the great outdoors can either turn out to be one of the fondest memories or your living nightmares. Usually, it all comes down to the things you have packed with yourself. If packed right, you can have one of the greatest adventures of your life, if not then you are destined to go downhill from there. This is exactly why we have curated a list of all the camping essentials so you can have an enjoyable and quality time with your peers or even alone. Whether you are a first-time camper or a seasoned survivalist, keep reading this article to know about the must-haves for a camping trip. 

An Internet Connection

Going off the grid is probably one of our biggest nightmares. No one wants to be stuck in a place without a network and no way to get in touch with peers back home. Mobile hotspots or Wi-Fi may or may not be available at your campsite. Because of this, satellite internet for camping should definitely be your preferred choice. It is arguably the most feasible option since it is the only internet service that is accessible all over the country.

We know that most people want to escape from the mundane routine of life and that is why they choose to go camping, where they can find complete solace. However, it is always important to have the internet at your hands 24/7 in case of emergency. And what better way to get it than satellite internet. 

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Some of us like to sleep under the vast open sky, gazing up at the countless stars. Still, you should always carry a tent or any other such emergency shelter with you in case weather changes or you want something to provide you security or privacy. 

In this regard, buy a tent that can protect you and your stuff from heavy winds, dew, snowstorm or rain, or even some lurking weird stalker. If you are going alone then any tent will do the job, if not, then you can look for tents that can be built-in cabin style so you can have a premium experience while being so close to nature. Just make sure that you bring all the other necessary items such as rope, tent poles, etc.

Sleeping Bag

In theory, lying on leaves could sound like a fun thing to do but the reality is always entirely different. For starters, it won’t help you feel warm during the nighttime. Temperatures drop significantly as the sun goes down and then you will start to feel cold.

In addition to this, campsites are filled with insects, mosquitoes, and bugs of all kinds and they become active at night. Chances are pretty high that if you are going to sleep without a sleeping bag, then they will make your night one of the longest ones of your life. So, in order to save yourself from constantly tossing and turning at night, bring a comfy sleeping bag along.

First aid-kit

Depending on what kind of camping you are going on and how long will you be gone, it is always a good idea to bring a first aid kit. You probably won’t experience a life-threatening injury. However, small cuts and scrapes are always bound to happen and they can quickly become infected if left untreated. Not only this, but hiking can also often result in small blisters that need to be healed with the help of bandages. 

Keeping this in mind, it is highly suggested that you always carry a first aid kit with you whenever you are packing for a camping trip. Keep bandages, antiseptic, alcohol wipes, scissors, soap, gauze, adhesive, and CPR mouth barrier in the box. In addition to this, you might also want to pack an emergency whistle, in case you get lost in the woods. 

Also, what is an emergency box for hiking if it does not contain a bottle of sunscreen and insect repellent? It is always wise not to take any chances, even if your bag feels heavier. 

A Charged GPS and a Map

Who is even familiar with all the directions and areas in this digital world? We surely need a GPS at our hands at all times even while traveling within a city. So, if you are camping or going on a hike in remote areas then do not forget to pack a charged GPS. If you want to keep things old-fashioned, then maybe throw in a map or compass. 

Forest landmarks become unfamiliar once the sun starts to go down. This can result in you getting lost in the woods, even if you try to follow the shadows, the sun’s position, or the direction of the wind. Don’t take any chances because campers who do not prepare themselves sufficiently before going on a trip often wander in the woods for days before either getting rescued or finding their way back. 

This is literally everyone’s worst nightmare to be stranded in an area with no idea where to go, limited food and water supply, and no network to contact your friends and family. Even if you take a short walk from your tent to the nearest creek, carry a GPS, map, or compass with yourself. 

Key Takeaway

So, folks, the above-mentioned items are the camping essentials you need to pack for your next camping trip so that you can have quality time by eliminating any risks. Don’t take any chances, have a time of your life and enjoy nature the way it is meant to be. 

Good luck!


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