Different Betting Strategies For Aviator By Spribe

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Aviator is Spribe’s way of helping out hesitant crypto investors think a lot quicker. This game depicts how crypto investors anticipate the rise and fall of coin prices but in a more fun way. Since this is just as reliant on luck as any other online casino game, being careful with your wager is usually the way to last a few more rounds of Aviator.

Did you know that there are specific betting strategies you can use while playing Aviator? You will be surprised how much profit sports betting brings. Time to get familiar with these tactics if you want to win big. Moreover, it's always a good idea to keep your betting apps up-to-date, so checking out the latest 1xBet app update can ensure you're using the best tools for your strategies. 

How to play Aviator

The Aviator game has two betting buttons which you can click one after another or have someone else click alongside you. Either way, take a look at the plane once you have made your bet and try to predict how high it will go before it crashes down. 

Once you have determined how high the plane can go, try to cash out your wager depending on the multiplier the plane flies over. If the plane crashes down without you cashing out, you lose your bet.

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Single bet strategies

Since you’d probably be playing Aviator by yourself, you might want to learn a few more tricks on how to bet on this game. Depending on how risky you want your game to be, here are the different betting strategies you can do if you are playing on your own:

Minimum risk

To minimise your losses, start your game with small bets first. Make sure your multiplier is at least x1.2 to start building up little by little. Take advantage of the auto cash-out and auto bet options so you can focus on observing the stats of the random lines that the plane will follow.

Medium risk

Once you have enough money to spare, you can add a bit more risk for an even higher payout. This time, your multiplier should be at x2 or x3. The probability of your cash out happening within those multipliers is only at 40% but they could still help you with stacking up more money for each round.

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High risk

Time to rely more on luck with this strategy. You have to look for the highest possible multiplier appearing in the list of the previous rounds. If possible, you can look for multipliers that reach x100 or more. There is a high chance the same multiplier will show up again in around an hour and a half from when it appeared last, so try to wait that long before you start betting again.

Double bet strategy

As previously mentioned, you can use the two betting buttons in Aviator to place two bets on your own and play them simultaneously. For this strategy, combine the minimum and medium risk tactics from the single bets category. One wager will have a multiplier of x1.2 while the other bet will have a slightly higher multiplier.

Early cash-out strategy

If you are still worried about the volatility of Aviator, you can always cash out early on in the round. Try to withdraw your payout while the plane is still following the ascending line. However, try to make the plane ascend a bit further before you decide to cash out. Chances are, you might hit the peak and you win bigger than what you may have expected.

Stats-based strategy

This strategy encourages you to once again take a look at the last few multipliers that had a hit. More specifically, you will track down the multipliers that appeared more frequently than others.

You will then bet twice: one wager is based on the frequently appearing multipliers while the other is based on a slightly higher multiplier.

Being able to make the right decisions on how much to wager is just like choosing how many coins to trade in the crypto market. The Aviator game mirrors how most crypto investors behave while going through unpredictable price surges and falls. Being able to get rid of hesitation when it comes to cashing out is a quality that crypto traders must have if they want to maximise their profits. Luckily for them, Spribe’s Aviator can help with that.

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